Bert Jansch debut reissued


BMG will mark the 50th anniversary of the release (on Transatlantic Records) of influential folk-guitarist Bert Jansch‘s eponymous debut album.

This is being reissued via PIAS label group and the album is newly remastered from the original half-inch tapes, we are promised “the best ever representation” of the original recording on the new CD and vinyl editions. The vinyl LP is actually a record store day exclusive along with Jansch’s ultra-rare Needle of Death EP which is being issued on seven-inch vinyl for RSD.

This Bert Jansch reissue signals the beginning of a campaign to reissue Jansch’s entire Transatlantic catalogue. It is released on 13 April 2015.

Track listing

1. Strolling Down the Highway
2. Smokey River
3. Oh How Your Love Is Strong
4. I Have No Time
5. Finches
6. Veronica
7. Needle of Death
8. Do You Hear Me Now?
9. Rambling’s Gonna Be the Death of Me
10. Alice’s Wonderland
11. Running from Home
12. Courting Blues
13. Casbah
14. Dreams of Love
15. Angie
16. Instrumental Medley
17. Angie

2 responses to Bert Jansch debut reissued

  1. Charles Hodgson says:

    I’m in for this!

  2. spaceboy says:

    Looking forward to this because I don’t believe I’ve ever heard any of his music…

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