Big Country / “Steeltown” deluxe


Universal Music will issue a two-CD deluxe edition of Big Country‘s second album Steeltown in April.

The 1984 long-player featured the UK top 20 hit East of Eden and was previously reissued as a one-CD expanded edition in the mid-nineties, adding some B-sides and and an extended version of non-album single Wonderland.Track listings for the new deluxe are yet to be confirmed.

Steeltown would be the band’s only number one album in Britain, reaching the summit in October 1984.

Further re-releases will follow with the next three albums (The Seer, Peace In Our Time and No Place Like Home) being prepped for late summer reissues).

Steeltown deluxe edition is released on 28 April 2014.

Steeltown 2CD Deluxe

2CD Deluxe

Vinyl reissue

7 responses to Big Country / “Steeltown” deluxe

  1. Brian says:

    Major delay just reported on this title. Amazon UK now showing release date of 29 September.

  2. negative1 says:

    Originally posted by moni

    Disc 1 is just the normal album

    Disc 2

    Wonderland (Single A-side)

    Giant (Single B-side)

    All Fall Together (Giant Remix)

    East of Eden (Radio Edit)

    Prairie Rose (Single B-side)

    Where The Rose Is Sown (Radio edit)

    Belief In The Small Man (Single B-side)

    Bass Dance (Single B-side)

    Just A Shadow (Radio edit)

    Winter Sky (Single B-side)

    Wonderland (Work In Progress Take 1) *

    Wonderland (Work In Progress Demo Take 2) *

    East of Eden (Rough Mix) *

    Tall Ships (Rough Mix) *

    Where The Rose Is Sown (Rough Mix) *

    Come Back To Me (Rough Mix) *

    Bass Concerto (Bass Dance) * ( * ) Previously Unreleased

  3. Tim Larkham says:

    Thanks Gary. I always thought the first 3 albums were linked stylistically by the same artist. I’ll check out the podcast too. Thanks again.

  4. Gary C says:

    Hi Tim
    His name is Julian Balme, and he worked on the first three albums. He took part in a two part interview on The Great Divide podcast series. Should still be on iTunes to DL.

  5. Tim Larkham says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Big Country (I really only know the “hits”) but as they are re-issuing their early output I may be interested enough to purchase one or two of these. As an aside, can anyone tell me who designed their logo and record sleeves? They remind me a little of Malcolm Garrett’s work.

  6. Steve Thorpe says:

    Wow! The previous remaster never sounded as good as it should have done, and this album is a masterpiece! Very excited about this release and hope it will be as amazing as it should be – roll on April

  7. Gary C says:

    For me and many others, it’s their best work…
    If they can keep the 90’s reissue material to the first disc, and the second disc made up of demo takes and live versions from the Steeltown tour, I’d be happy with that. I don’t think there are many demo versions around though.
    Only seven of the original album’s ten songs were ever played live. It would be great to have those seven songs represented from the period rather than later incarnations. I’m thinking of the Edinburgh Playhouse gig from 31st December 1984 specifically, but there is a great radio broadcast from the Glasgow Apollo earlier that month that would be good too.
    I just happened to be at the Apollo that same night, all of 15 years old.

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