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Black Friday Deals‘ week continues on the various Amazon sites across the globe. For the uninitiated, this is where Amazon offer some VERY good discounts on all sorts of products, including music box sets. The way it works is that they release time limited deals throughout the day. Items ‘go live’ at specific times and you need to be quick off the mark to get them at the discounted price. Once the item on offer is “100% Claimed” (ie all the allocation has gone) it’s no longer available to purchase at the cheap price (although the waiting lists are worth trying).

This bulletin post is to help you see what’s available TODAY that might be of interest from all the different amazon sites. We estimate what the price will be after discount.

Suede / Bloodsports new album

What: Suede / Bloodsports CD

When: 13:30 GMT/UTC


Expect to pay: About £5

Link: click here at 13:30 to view discount

Mark Knopfler / Privateering 3CD Deluxe Edition

What: Mark Knopfler / Privateering 3CD Deluxe

When: 18:15 GMT/UTC


Expect to pay:  Around €10

Linkclick here at 18:15 to view discount

Marc Bolan at the BBC / 5-disc box set

What: Marc Bolan at the BBC / Complete 5CD+DVD box

When: 20:30 GMT/UTC


Expect to pay: Around £25

Linkclick here at 20:30 to view discount

Johnny Cash / The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

What: Johnny Cash / The Complete Columbia Album Collection (63CDs)

When: 01:00 GMT/UTC (i.e. early Wed morning)

Expect to pay: Around $120


Linkclick here at 01:00 to view discount

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