Bowie / Anniversary picture disc

David Bowie / John I'm Only Dancing picture discEMI will release a 40th anniversary seven-inch picture disc edition of David Bowie‘s John I’m Only Dancing on 3 September 2012.

The 1972 song was originally a non-album single released after the Ziggy Stardust album. This 2012 vinyl reissue will feature the original single version backed with the so-called ‘sax’ version of the song which was a new recording made in 1973 during the Aladdin Sane album sessions. Bowie actually recorded the track a third time in 1974 which was appropriately named John I’m Only Dancing (Again). That version has regularly appeared as a bonus track on Young Americans with its radically different ‘plastic soul’ arrangement.

This release will be the second David Bowie picture disc in six months, following on from the Record Store Day issue of Starman in April 2012.

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