Breaking Bad / double vinyl OST


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These images are of the forthcoming 2LP Vinyl Edition of the Breaking Bad Original Score by Dave Porter.

Pop culture gurus SPACELAB9 are issuing this limited run which features original score highlights from seasons 1-5, and as you can see the artwork boasts lots of classic Breaking Bad imagery.

Breaking Bad 2LP vinyl is out on 26 May 2014.


Track listing

  • 1. Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (extended)
  • 2. Matches In The Pool
  • 3. Smoking Jesse s Pot
  • 4. Gray Matter
  • 5. The Morning After
  • 6. Three Days Out
  • 7. Vent
  • 8. Baby s Coming
  • 9. Jane s Demise
  • 10. The Cousins
  • 11. Hank In Pursuit
  • 12. The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg s Theme)
  • 13. Searching For Jesse
  • 14. Aztek
  • 15. Four Corners / Waiting For The End
  • 16. Jesse In Mexico
  • 17. Crawl Space
  • 18. Parking Garage Standoff
  • 19. Cleaning House
  • 20. Disassemble


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2 responses to Breaking Bad / double vinyl OST

  1. Cris says:

    Spain?? :(

  2. Alan Fenwick says:

    I recently picked up the limited edition Walter (White Vinyl) edition and Jessie (pink(man)) vinyl editions of these directly from the spacelab store the later only limited to 200 copies, not sure how many white vinyl were issued but that’s sold out now as well. They’re 2 very cool records.

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