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Bryan Adams has announced through his website that a deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition of his 1984 album Reckless will be released by Universal Music in September.

The reissue will contain ‘exclusive expanded bonus material’ and will pre-date a Reckless 30th Anniversary UK Tour which kicks off in November.

The album was the Canadian rocker’s fourth long-player and was an enormous success, spawning six singles (including Run To You, Summer of ’69 and Heaven) all of which reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Reckless deluxe edition will be released on 8 September 2014.

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  2. C Feeney says:

    Reckless releases are now on Amazon UK. One disc, two disc, 2CD +DVD+BluRay. What records have a 2LP for pre order. Main gem seems to be “Reckless” – the missing title track. Diana and the Christmas songs seem to be missing still.

    • Robert says:

      Bryan says that he left the track ‘Diana’ off this 2014 Deluxe Edition out of respect for Diana, and her family. He felt it wouldn’t feel right for him to put the song on there, which is a shame because it’s a good song. There are promo CDs that have the Christmas songs on them, but yeah, it would be nice to have Bryan’s rarer tracks on a CD set that have yet to make it onto official releases.

  3. Rick says:

    He was on q107 a toronto radio station 2 days ago. Said there will be six unheard songs included…to be released in November.

  4. Andrew Smith says:

    Bob Clearmountain (who mixed the album originally) recently said during an interview that he had just done a new 5.1 surround sound mix from the multi-track masters. This means that it’s highly likely that there will be a Blu-ray Audio release of the Deluxe Edition of Reckless.

    I hope this means we get a 24bit/96kHz high resolution copy of the original stereo mix as well, and that this high resolution stereo mix will be available to download as well, so we don’t have to buy a physical copy (the Blu-ray Audio) to access it. It will be available on CD as well.

  5. JrB says:

    Unfortunately this appears to have not come off, it’s disappeared from Amazon’s website and doesn’t appear to be available anywhere I can find for pre-order – disappointed :(

  6. Ross says:

    Florian, BA did try one 12″ remix in the UK – for Heat of The Night. It wasn’t a hit, so he didn’t bother again. Otherwise there is only really the Bryan Adamix, which really needs to be included on this set, along with the non-album singles and B-sides Diana, Christmas Time and Reggae Christmas, although the last two are not his best work.
    As for the live B-sides Heaven, Kids Wanna Rock and It’s Only Love, these are ‘from the period’ versions, and not the ones that appeared on Live! Live! Live! so they should be included too. Hopefully we will also get some demos or outtakes. BA hasn’t really released much non-album material over the years, not until 18 Til I Die anyway.

  7. Sam says:

    At last, been hoping for a deluxe version for ages. That just leaves a deluxe remaster version of Appetite For Destruction for me from the classic 80’s rock period.

  8. Florian M. Kranz says:

    So strange; just recently I thought of such a release. Got no idea what it could offer on the second CD accept Christmas Time. As fas as I know there are no 12″ versions of his songs. The live tracks are already available on the live album. It deserves a deluxe edition, but will it offer good material? Let’s see.

  9. Rafael says:

    I hope that this time (finally) the music “The Bryan Adamix” appears on this CD !!!

  10. Chris Scott says:

    The Japan remaster of Reckless includes “Diana” , “Christmas Time”, and “Reggae Christmas” as bonus tracks. The remastering is excellent too.

  11. Hans says:

    Finally ;-)

  12. Michael Pendlebury says:

    Great news! I’ve got my fingers firmly crossed that it includes the B-side “Diana” and the song “Something About Christmas Time”.

  13. Dave says:

    Looking forward to this. Adams didn’t do much deluxe treatments to his albums. Hope to hear some outtakes, especially for Summer Of ’69.
    It would have been nice if he included a DVD with the long Reckless movie which i have on my HD.

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