Cream / The Singles 1967-1970 / seven-inch vinyl box set

Get set for generous spoonfuls of classic bluesy, hard-rocking, psychedelia with the release of a seven-inch singles box set by the original rock power trio, Cream.

Universal Music have raided the archives of the Reaction, Atco and Polydor labels to select these long-deleted records for this ten-disc set. It includes everything from Tales of Brave Ulysses which showcased Eric Clapton’s use of the wah-wah guitar pedal for the first time, their reworking of Crossroads (originally recorded by Blues legend Robert Johnson in 1936), all the way through to Badge which Clapton co-wrote with his mate George Harrison and proved to be the band’s last charting single.

The original mono versions are apparently reproduced on standard-weight, classic ‘dinked’ vinyl (although the image depicts otherwise!) and exclusive new artwork has been commissioned for the sleeves of each record, which are presented together in a rigid, matt-laminated ‘lid-and-tray’ box.

This set is billed as a ‘fitting tribute’ to the skills of Clapton, drummer Ginger Baker and, especially, bassist/singer Jack Bruce, who passed away in October 2014, and follows on from last year’s release of the Cream: 1966-72 vinyl box set, which brought together all of their studio and live LPs in one set.

The Singles 1967-70 is released on 26 November 2015.

Buying guide: Availability in Europe is rather patchy at present but the Canadian Pre-order price of $62 equates to little over £30, which is stunning for a 10 x 7-inch single box set (import duties for the UK would be maximum £17, if your item is stopped by customs).




Single 1 (Reaction):

  • Wrapping Paper (2 minutes 24 seconds)
  • Cat’s Squirrel (2.59)

Single 2 (Reaction):

  • I Feel Free (2.48)
  • NSU (2.43)

Single 3 (Atco):

  • Spoonful – Part I (2.25)
  • Spoonful – Part II (2.28)

Single 4 (Reaction):

  • Strange Brew (2.45)
  • Tales Of Brave Ulysses (2.50)

Single 5 (Polydor):

  • Anyone For Tennis (2.37)
  • Pressed Rat And Warthog (3.12)

Single 6 (Polydor):

  • Sunshine Of Your Love (4.11)
  • SWLABR (2.30)

Single 7 (Polydor):

  • White Room (4.58)
  • Those Were The Days (2.52)

Single 8 (Atco):

  • Crossroads (4.16)
  • Passing The Time (4.31)

Single 9 (Polydor):

  • Badge (2.43)
  • What A Bringdown (3.56)

Single 10 (Atco):

  • Lawdy Mama (2.47)
  • Sweet Wine (3.16)

12 responses to Cream / The Singles 1967-1970 / seven-inch vinyl box set

  1. andrew R says:

    Ref canada still fighting amazon .ca.They informed the carrier dhl of the cost of the item.DHL refused to deliver unless i paid duties up front. They included cost of shipping (which was free) so i paid tax on all of it.
    I have bought three times from amazon ca and on all three occasions amazon informed the carriers that duty was due. Just saying its not a question if you get stopped in my experioence. PS this in no way diminishes my thanks for the sterling work you do Paul .I simply warn that
    Amazon ca. is not as cheap as it seems.

  2. Fat Old Bloke says:

    No CD?

    This would be a good CD collection

  3. Graham Piazza says:

    Hi Paul,

    If this set included a scarf and some marble I would consider buying it.

  4. Mylene says:

    Only the ATCOs should be dinked. The rest should have push-out centres. They could have done the Australian Spoonful single (on Polydor International) and dinking wouldn’t be necessary.

  5. Alan Fenwick says:

    Apologies, but I’m a stickler for been a bit more precise on prices etc.

    The Amazon Canada deal breaks down like this:

    Cost of the vinyl set plus the slowest shipping (6-8 weeks) works out at £39

    The method of delivery that Amazon Canada uses means it ends up been delivered by Royal Mail Parcels as opposed to normal Royal Mail, there’s another difference here, you pay £3 more for Royal Mail Parcels Fees, so that’s another £12 before the VAT.

    In summary when you add it all together with fees (if you’re unlucky and get caught) it is the following:

    Box and cheap shipping £39
    VAT = £7.80
    Royal Mail Parcel Fees = £12
    Total Cost = £58.80

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Alan, good details! But the pertinent point here it’s cheaper via Amazon Canada than anywhere in the UK even if you get worst case scenario and your item gets stopped by customs. If it doesn’t then you’ve saved at least £25. The only downside is having to wait.

  6. Steve says:


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Big holes for jukeboxes

      • Wazza says:

        Glad you asked Steve , I wasn’t going to for fear of being ridiculed for not knowing so I just nodded knowingly to myself as if I knew …. Dinked is now forever stored in the memory bank

  7. steve johnson says:

    Good price for this set.
    Only UK price I’ve seen in the UK so far is on Spin CDS at £67
    Have the Cream Album Box set via Amazon so hoping for a UK price drop,fingers crossed.

  8. GRAEME EWAN says:

    but what exactly is the point in such nonsense?! (there is always a point).

    • Phil Cohen says:

      The point is…that’s a piece of memorabilia. I bought the first of the four “WHO’ vinyl singles boxes(“The Brunswick Singles”), but when Universal music got too greedy with the price of the follow-up set(“The Reaction Singles”), I decided to pass on any further 7″ vinyl boxes from Universal.

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