David Bowie returns! New album in March and single out now!

David Bowie / new single Where Are We Now - new album The Next Day

A still from the video of David Bowie’s new single “Where Are We Now?”

A very warm welcome back to David Bowie who still retains the power to shock with the news this morning that a new album The Next Day is due in March and a new single, Where Are We Now is out now via iTunes.

The album will be Bowie’s first since Reality ten years ago and it has been produced by long time collaborator Tony Visconti. had been relaunched, and features the Where Are We Now video. The 12-track album is out via ISO/Columbia on the 12 March. Formats have not been announced, although it appears there is a deluxe edition with three bonus tracks.

David Bowie / The Next Day

The Next Day

  • The Next Day
  • Dirty Boys
  • The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
  • Love Is Lost
  • Where Are We Now?
  • Valentine’s Day
  • If You Can See Me
  • I’d Rather Be High
  • Boss Of Me
  • Dancing Out In Space
  • How Does The Grass Grow
  • (You Will) Set The World On Fire
  • You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
  • Heat

Deluxe Tracks:

  • 15. So She
  • 16. I’ll Take You There
  • 17. Plan

25 responses to David Bowie returns! New album in March and single out now!

  1. baward says:

    ‘Blackstar’ new album coming shocker!

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  3. richard says:

    I have seen this man live 10 times and own 60 Bowie albums….this song is like a Black Tie White Noise out-take – i.e.utter crap.

  4. Metal Mickey says:

    Totally agree that keeping this whole project 100% secret is almost the most impressive part of the whole project! That said, it’s a lovely track that keeps growing with every play, but rather too low-key to be the barnstorming “back after 10 years” comeback we might have expected… still, maybe that’s the point?

    And I really like the album cover, or at least the thinking behind it… I’m wondering if the full album campaign and accompanying artwork might consist of other blocked-out old Bowie album covers…? Lest we forget, he’s already done this before, the back of the “Scary Monsters” album cover (33 years ago – eek!) featuring some scribbled out older images from (what were at the time) his last 3 albums…

  5. Michel Drolet says:

    David Bowie’s publicist tells The Guardian that he won’t be giving any interviews and he won’t be touring.

  6. Ian Mac says:

    My heart is pounding with joy, I thought David would go without a bang, not so. He has something to say…….brilliant ! Just waiting for the tour.
    I am sooooo happy xxx

  7. Chris says:

    Absolutely stunned, happily so, when I woke up yesterday to the news of a new Bowie project. At first I couldn’t believe what I was reading. And I echo the amazement of others who are shocked that this project was kept so completely under wraps right up until the moment the first single dropped. This never happens. The song itself is incredibly powerful and just the perfect approach to take w/ a comeback after 10 years. Brilliant. What awesome news!

  8. bob says:

    The women is the video directors wife

  9. Will says:

    And I may be wrong. Someone says that the woman is played by Oursler’s wife, Jacqueline Humphries. It might even be in the credits.

  10. Will says:

    I’m going to assert that the woman in the video is Kristeen Young, who collaborated with Bowie on the track “Saviour” in 2004. The resemblance is there. Here I go:

    The woman in the video is Kristeen Young.

    We know Tony Visconti produced Bowie’s new album, which was recorded about 2 years ago. And Tony Visconti produced a live-in-studio set that Kristeen Young performed for WFMU in May 2011 – so we know Visconti and Young know each other; the “Savior” track wasn’t Kristeen Young’s only involvement with Bowie or his circle of friends in New York.

    (By the way, the track “Saviour” should be part of any Bowie’s collection — even though the CD from which it came is out of print and only an iTunes version exists now).

  11. Chris Lancaster says:

    What Dean said. Astonishing news – when I heard this on Radio 5 this morning, I thought I’d spent 3 months asleep and woken on April Fools Day. To get such a massive media reaction is a measure both of the man, and of his masterly grasp of how the media works.

  12. Paul Kent says:

    Just seen the album cover. Can’t decide if it’s brilliant or awful…

    • Ian Mac says:

      That is probably the idea, to get you thinking. That’s what Bowie does, he stretches the mind, pulls out ideas from your sub concious. Admittedly it is a peculiar cover but may change by the time March arrives.

  13. DEAN says:

    I’m not ashamed to say it – I almost openly cried at this news. Bowie is immense, and the new single is so absolutely brilliant in every way. I too thought he’d left us for good, and to know that isn’t the case is just amazing.

    There are few artists that I end investing in at the personal level. Bowie is one. I just feel that work he has done is going to last forever, and we’re privileged to be here when it’s getting its initial release.

    Now if someone can persuade him to give the deluxe treatment to each of the Berlin Trilogy, I can die a happy man.

  14. will_m says:

    This news has already marked 2013 as being a great year…David FUCKING Bowie!!!..the thin white duke finally returns and I could not be happier :-)

  15. Michel Drolet says:

    No other news will make me this happy this year!!!!!!!!

  16. Charles says:

    Best news of the new year!

  17. Paul Kent says:

    I must admit, I’m hardly blown away by the new song. However, I’m over the moon at the news of a new album. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since “Reality”!

  18. fred smith says:

    blimey guv….this is unbelievable’s been 10 years waiting & waiting for a new album and now this FANTASTIC news..yippee!

  19. Richard Harris says:

    What genuinely surprises me is how many people who have been involved in this have managed to keep quiet about their involvement in it and have not broken silence – until now. That takes some doing in this age of instant news. Tony Levin has now said on Twitter that he “played on this some time ago” – with all the media speculation over months/years as to whether Bowie would ever return to recording and performing it must have been tempting for someone to let the cat out of the bag – but credit to them all they didn’t.

  20. José David says:

    ooooooooooh yes!!!
    10 years ago since i bought reality ( I’m getting older)
    thanks for sharing Paul

  21. Richard Harris says:

    Thrilled to bits with his return. I thought and feared he had gone for good. No one could have blamed him if he’d settled for a quiet life of retirement. But he hasn’t, and he has still got the ability to surprise after all these years.

  22. bob says:


  23. PAUL FRASER says:

    I thought we’d lost the old bugger for good. What happy news.

  24. Pim says:

    Can’t wait for the limited edition boxset, including the whole album on a set of 7″-es with the instrumental tracks as the b-side, a litho of the album-artwork, a CD full of demos, a DVD with a 5.1 mix and a documentary on the recording of the album!

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