David Bowie / Space Oddity 40th anniversary picture disc


Just when you thought you couldn’t spend ANY MORE on David Bowie reissues, here is a shot of the forthcoming 40th anniversary seven-inch picture disc of Space Oddity.

In case there is any confusion, this is the anniversary of the 1975 RCA reissue which was when the single actually got to number one in the UK. Despite this, the track listing of the reissue is in line with the 1969 Philips version and features the UK Single Edit version of the song, backed with the B-side version of Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud.

This Space Oddity anniversary is of course well out of sync, but is consistent with the era, coming between Fame and Golden Years. If you are collecting these then Amazon France have this new one for €10 or just over £7, which isn’t bad.

Space Oddity picture disc is released on 2 October 2015.



Side 1

1. Space Oddity (Uk Single Edit)

Side 2

1. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud ( single B-Side with spoken intro)

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16 responses to David Bowie / Space Oddity 40th anniversary picture disc

  1. Gazelle says:

    I note that the picture disc reads ‘Wide Eyed Boy From Freedom’ rather than ‘Wide Eyed Boy From Freecloud’. Is this an error? Or is there a story behind this?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Ha! So it does… it’s either a clever recreation of an original mistake, or what Denis Norden would call a cock-up.

  2. colin says:

    £7.99 at

  3. Michel D. says:

    The official David Bowie site has the same “mistake”, if it is indeed one!

  4. spatafore says:

    that crappy picture discs sounds well? I mean is very well know that picture discs sounds like crap, so…

  5. baward says:

    I read that its a copy of the original mistake from the single sleeve.

  6. Gazelle says:

    I’ve done some ‘Google’ing and apparently it is a recreation of an original mistake, namely the 1969 Philips French picture sleeve which erroneously cited ‘Wide Eyed Boy From Freedom’ as the b-side.

  7. Gazelle says:

    And rather embarrassingly, I’ve just realised I’ve always erroneously referred to this song as ‘Wide Eyed Boy From Freecloud’ rather than ‘Wild Eyed Boy In Freecloud’!

  8. Brian says:

    I wonder how long they plan to draw out this 7 inch picture for disc as a 40th anniversary? To Let’s Dance and beyond? We may still be around in 2053 for the Sue reissue. :)

  9. Craig Hedges says:

    Which image is on which side?
    I’d rather see Bowie’s face going round whilst hearing Space Oddity than the mock up sleeve.
    Even if it looks like Bowie’s been shot between the eyes!

  10. Luigi says:

    Hi! is there just the picture disc or a black vinyl edition too? amazon uk has one as PD at 9.99 and Space Oddity (7″ Vinyl single) – 40th Anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition at 18. so i think amazon fr is selling the black vinyl edition at that price. let me know

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