David Bowie / Young Americans 40th anniversary 7-inch picture disc


The David Bowie 40th anniversary seven-inch vinyl picture disc series continues, and next month sees the Young Americans single re-released.

The title track from his ninth studio album, Young Americans reached number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 (in its single edit guise) in early 1975, with the longer album version penetrating the UK top 20.

Both sides of this reissue are new to vinyl. The A-side features the 2007 Tony Visconti single mix of Young Americans while the AA-side contains It’s Gonna Be Me (with strings) which was first issued on the 2007 CD/DVD of the Young Americans album.

bowie_young2It seems to be the ‘law’ of picture discs that one side has a great image while the other is rather ‘meh’. That is the case here with Tom Kelley’s superb grayscale image (from the same session that produced the Changesonebowie cover) on the front and a rather average colour shot on the AA side. 

This picture disc will be issued (almost) 40 years to the day on 23 February 2015. It’s not up on the UK Amazon site yet, but the price on the French site is quite attractive!

13 responses to David Bowie / Young Americans 40th anniversary 7-inch picture disc

  1. Nigel D Day says:

    Deluxe edition of Low, Heroes, Lodger and S Monsters for me too please :).

    And whilst were at it – The Man Who Sold The World, and Hunky Dory. How the Hell has the latter never received the deluxe treatment ??????

  2. Ravi says:

    I’d sell my first born and likely my second born too for a Station to Station type treatment on Low, Heroes, Lodger and Scary Monsters!!!

    • Michael says:

      I’d change my mind about having children so that I would be able to give my first and second born for a deluxe treatment of said albums! ;-)

  3. noyoucmon says:

    Who is clamoring for these picture disc singles? These smack of pre-fab nonsense for amateur collectors to me.

  4. Rob says:

    Our House!!!

  5. Rob says:

    I’m more disappointed that these picture discs are all that the Bowie camp seems to want to give us anymore. Low, Heroes, Lodger, Scary Monsters and Let’s Dance have never gotten any sort of deluxe treatment since the Ryko reissues which are now 25 years old. Tony Visconti’s 5.1 mixes have all been excellent; it’s a shame that he hasn’t done any more. Multiple concerts were filmed on the ’78 tour; it would be nice to see those. I’m sure there’s lots more in the vaults that we haven’t seen/heard, but it’s been four years since the Station to Station box was released. We’re long overdue for some nice reissues.

    • Richard Harris says:

      I for one can’t see what he (they?) think to gain by not releasing deluxe versions of the key mid-to-late 70s albums. Plus not releasing live footage from the 1978 tour. Are any of the live shows on BluRay? Don’t think Serious Moonlight is and am certain that the much-maligned Glass Spider isn’t. I remember reading one source during the 2004-2013 absence as saying that he was effectively “curating the archive”. Well I hope he lets the public view some of the exhibits while we’re all still here to enjoy them.

  6. Scottie says:

    the other side is rather “meh” LOL

  7. Michael says:

    I would fully agree with the ‘law of picture disc’ where one side has a great picture and the other side has an average one at most :-) It is almost universally true over all decades, artists and musical styles in my opinion.

  8. Baward says:

    I’ve not bought a picture disc in years. Are they still plagued by awful surface noise?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Basically, yes. Not really for ‘playing’ which does make the whole ‘first time on vinyl’ stuff a bit irrelevant…

  9. Wim says:

    “a rather average colour shot on the AA side”?
    I don’t think so…

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