Deal Alert: Rush / ReDISCovered box


We’ve noticed an almost 20% drop in the price of this Rush boxed 200g vinyl pressing which is released in two week’s time. The set contains exquisite packaging, replica shop poster, photos, band family tree and download card.

Available at the time of writing for less than £29 on Amazon UK – or around £23 if you are purchasing from outside the EU and the tax is deducted.

Rush ReDISCovered LP box is out on 28 April 2014.

3 responses to Deal Alert: Rush / ReDISCovered box

  1. LedMan says:

    The U.S. edition will be pressed at Quality Record Pressings. Can anyone confirm that the U.K. edition is pressed at the same location?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good question, which I’ve made some enquiries about. I’m pretty sure the answer is that they are all being done at QRP, although not sure enough to say that categorically… will report back if I find out any more on this.

  2. Neil Forker says:

    The price in the US has dropped as well. I pre-ordered and noticed a significant drop in the price since I placed the pre-order.

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