DEAL OF THE DAY / The Beatles: The US Albums 13CD box set


Who wants a Beatles “US Albums” box for around £60? Yes, two weeks after the release, Amazon in Canada have reduced The Beatles US Albums box set to just $106 Canadian (correct at the time of writing).

If you’re are in the UK the combination of such a low price and favourable exchange rates make this an absolute steal. Obviously, remember to factor in possible import or VAT duties, but as a comparison this set is £145 on Amazon UK, or £95 more expensive!

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  1. Pearson says: has once again lowered the price, it’s CDN$ 99.99 (47% off).

  2. Phil Wilson says:

    So this arrived today, unfortunately it was in a thin box, with only some screwed up paper to protect it, so the corners of the box are damaged. Contacted and they will either refund once returned, or give a 25% refund. They cannot replace though (may be down to that initial price!)


  3. Phil Wilson says:

    Just to point out as well, I did mark it as a gift, with the value not to be displayed, as advised

  4. Phil Wilson says:

    Had an attempted delivery by UPS today for this from Canada, they want £26.07 for the import charges. Still works out cheaper than the UK price, but not the £67 I as hoping for!

  5. Kenny Confer says:

    Thanks paul..wasnt going to buy until you alerted me to this reasonable price. Thanks for you site…

  6. Jim says:

    Just checked back and price has risen to just over $150 Canadian

  7. Martin says:

    I pre ordered this from and with exchange rate, paid £106, no vat or customs etc.
    well worth the price and looks great with all the other box sets, especially the mono box

  8. David says:

    The price seems good because of the reduction but as a UK based owner of the 2009 stereo and mono boxes, I still feel I would just be paying a lot of money out for replica sleeves and nothing new or significant in terms of audio.

    My gut feeling is that this is mainly for Beatles collectors and people familiar with the originals who want to evoke some nostalgia (mixes aside).

    I picked up Yesterday and Today for £8.00 just for the infamous cover and I think that will do me.

  9. Martin Bushell says:

    Here’s a shipping tip when ordering from and seems to be the same for .ca – right at the end of the transaction but BEFORE you place the order click on ‘Add gift options’. Tick the box that says ‘Hide prices on the packing slip for this item and all items that are shipped with it.’ So far I’ve avoided having to pay VAT, import duty and the hefty fee the PO charge for paying it on our behalf!

    • Mark says:

      OK trying the gift tip. I’ll report back on whether it works or not….

      • Mark says:


        Despite selecting gift order and hide proces on packing slip, still got stung with £29 duty etc charge. :-(

        Interestingly, although I selected the slowest/cheapest delivery option (could take up to 8 weeks) it was shipped by UPS. Quickly. But expensively.

  10. Deek says:

    So i bought this box set from HMV. As i was unboxing and stuff, my “yesterday and today” can with two discs! I dont know why?! Its not a counterfeit box set, right?

  11. lee sharp says:

    Got mine from them , add £30 for tax , still a bargain.

  12. eric slangen says:

    Thanks. I first ordered at time of release then cancelled and now I get this at a nice price, thanks.

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