DEAL / Queen: Live at the Rainbow super deluxe edition box set

Deal: Queen Live at the Rainbow

The Queen Live at the Rainbow super deluxe edition box set has been incredibly expensive to buy in the UK. The price has only dipped below the £100 price point once, in early July when Amazon went down to £69 for a few days. With the set now released the price has just dropped again by around a third.

At the time of writing this is available for £74. Full details can be found here (and this blog has reviewed the audio/video elements), but in summary you get two CDs, a blu-ray, a DVD, a 60-page book and reproductions of concert tickets, tour itinerary, show souvenir brochure, concert poster and more.

It’s still not outstanding value [and doesn’t get near the US price], but the cost is consistent with other similar super deluxe editions that have been released over the last few years (The Who‘s sets being an example).

Queen Live at the Rainbow is out now.



5 responses to DEAL / Queen: Live at the Rainbow super deluxe edition box set

  1. Peter Anderson says:

    Like Jon (Shaw) I ordered this from Amazon Canada back in July and it finally arrived yesterday. Not a bad package overall. The book is a bit light on text but well put together and the tour itinerary is fun if only to see which hotels the band and crew stayed in and the hilarious warning from the promoter stating that due to previous bad behaviour any damage to hotels would result in immediate cancellation of all accommodation! Order price of $67 fell to £61 due to Amazon price promise. Will take Jon’s word on the currency conversion so with, in my case, £23.61 import duty I guess it wasn’t too bad a deal despite the long wait. At least it arrived in time for Xmas!

  2. Jon Shaw says:

    I ordered this from back in early July thanks to the tip off on here. It cost $61.72 Canadian which equates to £34.29 and even after being caught by customs for £22.60 still ends up cheaper than amazon uk’s best price so far….

  3. Jim says:

    Having seen what you get in the box, getting the separate 2 x CD and the Bluray for less than £30 is the better option.

    The only extras in the box are a book and the usual useless reproduction tickets, posters and badges.

    I have stopped buying the super deluxe boxes because they are stupidly priced and I am no longer prepared to pay up to £100 more for either a book, some extra demos or a 5.1 mix.

  4. Fat Old Bloke says:

    It’s only about £30 on
    £75 is not cheap to me

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think the point about it being not a fantastic price was made in the post. But it’s still £40 cheaper than it has been. If you import from the US with fees you’re probably looking at around £60-ish.

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