DEAL / Supertramp: Crime of the Century 3LP vinyl box set

Universal Music will reissue Supertramp‘s 1974 album Crime of the Century next month, and the top-of-the-range format is the 3LP vinyl box set which adds a previously unreleased concert from London’s Hammersmith Odeon in March 1975 to the remastered version of the album. This set is £56 from Amazon UK but if you’re quick you can secure from Amazon Canada for WAY less than that.

At the time of writing this box (which also comes with art cards and a booklet with a 7,500 word essay by Phil Alexander of Mojo Magazine) is just $36 CA which is a fraction over £20! As always, consider cost of importing, but this is undoubtedly a great deal. Note: the vinyl comes with a download card.

Crime of the Century is reissued on 8 December 2014.

Track listing

LP 1
1. A1. School
2. A2. Bloody Well Right
3. A3. Hide In Your Shell
4. A4. Asylum
5. B1. Dreamer
6. B2. Rudy
7. B3. If Everyone Was Listening
8. B4. Crime Of The Century

LP 2
1. A1. School
2. A2. Bloody Well Right
3. A3. Hide In Your Shell
4. B1. Asylum
5. B2. Sister Moonshine
6. B3. Just A Normal Day

LP 3
1. A1. Another Man’s Woman
2. A2. Lady
3. A3. ‘A’ You’re Adorable
4. A4. Dreamer
5. B1. Rudy
6. B2. If Everyone Was Listening
7. B3. Crime Of The Century

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11 responses to DEAL / Supertramp: Crime of the Century 3LP vinyl box set

  1. Mike S in Maryland says:

    Good Deal!.. But I’d still like to know what became of the 2014 Japanese
    SHM-SACD & Platinum SHM-CD editions that were previously announced, and have since been postponed/delayed?..

  2. Joey d'Entremont says:

    Yay! Thanks for the heads up SDE. I was waiting for this one to show up on and since I’m in Canada, no duty for me! I’ve snapped this up at $36 bucks!

  3. Don says:

    I love these “Deal Alert”s man! Thanks Paul! Can I send you some cookies?!

  4. Scottie says:

    Was there a box set for Breakfast in America like this?

  5. GuruPete says:

    Thank you very much for the alert!
    I’m in Australia and it was retailing for $A85 plus postage which is around $CAD82.
    I already own the Speakers Corner reissue which sounds great but wanted this new one because Ken Scott has done the remaster, but didn’t want to pay $A85.
    Because of your alert I’ve ordered it from Amazon Canada and the cost with postage will be $A45. Thank you!

  6. Joey d'Entremont says:

    The price on this box set has dropped even more and is currently selling for $34.75 CAD. I pre-ordered mine thanks to SDE and can tell you that this is a very nice set and is well worth the price if you like Supertramp and vinyl!

  7. Paul Wren says:

    £28 at Amazon UK at the moment.

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