Echo And The Bunnymen / Crocodiles 2LP Hardback Book

Echo and the Bunnymen / Crocodiles 2LP hardback book edition
Vinyl specialists Weatherbox will release a 180g remastered hardback book 2LP edition of Echo and the Bunnymen‘s 1980 debut album Crocodiles on 8 July 2013.

The first vinyl record will feature the original Crocodiles LP and the bonus vinyl contains 10 extra tracks.

The bonus material includes Do It Clean and Read It In Books (issued as a 7 inch single in the UK), Simple Stuff – the b side to the single Rescue – and early versions of Villiers Terrace, Pride and Simple Stuff from the album sessions. The second LP is completed by tracks from the Shine So Hard EP a four-track live twelve-inch recorded at the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton Derbyshire, in January 1981.

Contributions from Will Sergeant and Les Pattinson, and new photos feature in the Hardback book.

Track listing

Side 1

  • 1. Going Up
  • 2. Stars Are Stars
  • 3. Pride
  • 4. Monkeys
  • 5. Crocodiles

Side 2

  • 1. Rescue
  • 2. Villiers Terrace
  • 3. Pictures on My Wall
  • 4. All That Jazz
  • 5. Happy Death Men

Side 3

  • 1. Do It Clean
  • 2. Read It in Books
  • 3. Simple Stuff
  • 4. Villiers Terrace (Early Version)
  • 5. Pride (Early Version)
  • 6. Simple Stuff (Earlier Version)

Side 4

  • 1. Crocodiles (Live)
  • 2. Zimbo (Live)
  • 3. All That Jazz (Live)
  • 4. Over the Wall (Live)

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  1. lazarus says:

    Oh come on, it’s not even 2 months since the special RSD red vinyl was released, and what have we got here ? Much better still !!
    Cannot afford to buy Crocs for the 4th time on LP. :-(

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