Eighth Wonder / Remix Anthology


A 12-track Remix Anthology of singles by the short-lived Patsy Kensit-fronted eighties band Eighth Wonder will be released by Cherry Red next month.

Highlights include the Pet Shop Boys‘ penned (and co-produced) I’m Not Scared which was a top ten hit in the UK and is featured here three times including the Little Louie Vega Mix and the 10″ Remix.

Eighth Wonder’s initial success came in Japan, but they only ended up releasing one proper album globally, 1988’s Fearless. 

The Remix Anthology is out on 21 July 2014.

Track listing

  • 8. USE ME (REMIX)
  • 12. I’M NOT SCARED (10″ REMIX)

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  1. Kiki says:

    I Just checked.. between this excellent remix CD and the horrible first “Fearless” reissue , 9 tracks / mixes are missing!
    – All the tracks / mixes from the Brilliant Dreams japan Ep (except “Stay With Me” are not included .. this means : 1st versions of “when the phone stops ringing” and “Willl You Remember” – Remixes were included in “Fearless” in 1988; B Sides “Loser In Love”, “open Your Mind” and “Having It all”;
    – The Very rare 12″ version of “Open Your Mind”
    – Baby Baby : The Balearic Beat Baby is still missing, the spanish version recorded especially for that market, and finally the original version of “Dusted” !

    That’s a shame that the first “Fearless” reissue has not been correctly reworked…

  2. DannyNorthShore says:

    10″ and Disco Mix of ‘I’m Not Scared’ very different beasts. Rather like the the PWL ‘Brit’ mixes of Desireless’ ‘Voyage Voyage’ from the same era, Phil Harding gave the whole thing a crisper, punchier feel. Previously only available on his ‘Club Mixes of the 80s’ (yes, the one with impossibly small liner notes).

  3. Mike F says:

    Nice work, Griffin.

  4. Griffin says:


    There wasn’t a post here on SDE when I found out about this release! I thought by writing them early Cherry Red/Pop might still will change the tracklisting like The Blow Monkeys! So I found everything on Discogs by Eighth Wonder!

    About the House Mix! According to my friend (even bigger collector of 80’s original 12″ extended remixes than me)! He has that on vinyl (I don’t)! He confirmed it was different than the more familiar UK house mix we all have on CD!

  5. Daran says:

    Top marks to Tim @ Cherry Red! He sounds like a music fan and not just a product marketing man.

  6. Griffin says:

    And I’ve read somewhere that the Disco Mix of I’m not scared was created with the 10″ Remix & J’ai Pas Peur!

  7. Griffin says:

    Sorry Griffin I forgot to answer your query regarding the details behind ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Having It All’. These are both being sourced from the original production masters. Regards Tim

    This was the last reply! I hope all questions from all of you are answered! My first comment still hasn’t been approved by Paul S.! I will get this as I don’t have these two 12″ yet! And I hope by buying this they will get green lighted for another volume with more/other remixes! Fingers crossed next time everything will be included ;)

  8. Griffin says:

    Hi Griffin

    Thanks for understanding the situation. It can be very frustrating with licensing the tracks as it reflects on us and not the original rights owner who control the catalogue.

    I can confirm the following details;

    1/ Cross My Heart – House Mix (07:36) it’s the version that featured on the ‘Best Remixes’ CD which should be the UK 12″ single version (Pete Hammond).
    2/ I’m Not Scared – Little Louie Vega Mix (07:17) it’s the full version that featured on the US 12″.

    I share your hope that we can get to volume 2. I would’ve titled this release as volume 1 but there’s never a guarantee that we’d get the other material cleared. If we try and proceed I’ll contact you to check that I’ve included everything that I should!

    Have a great weekend!
    Tim @ Cherry Red

  9. Griffin says:

    I hope Tim don’t mind me posting his email reply here:

    Hi Griffin
    Many thanks for your e-mail to my colleague Matt. He has forwarded it on to me as I’m the project manager responsible for the forthcoming Eighth Wonder CD release.
    I’ve read your comments and appreciate your point of view. However I’m more than aware of what the circumstances are behind being granted a license to release the material. It’s not a simple case of selecting tracks for a release – getting it approved and releasing whatever you want. The host labels will often only approve projects on the second or third time of requesting and restricting which tracks you can select from. Also we work to tight production budgets and accessing the original production masters that need treating before use is an expensive exercise. We endeavour to produce the best collections within available budgets and assuming we can get the material that we desire.
    One other element to consider is that it can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years for a licensing request to receive a decision from the host label. In the case of ‘Fearless’ when it was applied for Cherry Red were only releasing single CD reissues – this has subsequently changed as has our policy.
    At the time of applying this was the tracklisting we could get approved. We’re are obviously aware of all the other versions listed and we hope to be able to be able to license and reissue them in the future. We’ve had to make a decision to proceed with the agreed tracklisting or forget it and we decided to go ahead with this single CD release rather than a 2 CD collection. As the project manager responsible for the Five Star – Remix Anthology it is our aim to compile the most complete collections posssible!
    I hope this goes someway to explain the circumstances behind this release. Feel free to send me any future project suggestions you might have.
    With best wishes
    Tim @ Cherry Red

  10. Griffin says:

    Hi all,

    I noticed this release & sent an email on 23/05/2014 to Cherry Pop/Red with the following (@ I wished they could/should be included):
    A Stay With Me (Extended Version) 5:26 @
    B1 Loser In Love 3:21
    B2 Open Your Mind 3:57
    A Open Your Mind (Long Version) @
    A Having It All(Extended Remix) @
    B-1 Having It All(Instrumental) @
    B-2 Stay With Me(Instrumental) @
    A Will You Remember 3:51
    B Having It All 3:07 @
    A Will You Remember (Extended Mix)6:17
    B Having It All (Extended Mix) 4:55
    A When The Phone Stops Ringing
    B When The Phone Stops Ringing (Instrumental) @
    A When The Phone Stops Ringing (Extended Version)
    B When The Phone Stops Ringing (Instrumental)
    A1 I’m Not Scared (“Little” Louie Vega Mix) 7:17 @
    A2 I’m Not Scared (Dub Version) 4:55 @
    A3 J’ai Pas Peur (French Version) 5:48
    B1 I’m Not Scared (Long Euro Mix) 7:58
    B2 Baby Baby (Dusted Mix) 6:00 @
    1 I’m Not Scared (Radio Mix) 3:49
    2 I’m Not Scared (Long Euro Mix) 7:58
    3 I’m Not Scared (“Little” Louie Vega Mix Club Mix) 5:17 @
    B Cross My Heart (“Little” Louie Vega Mix) 3:50 @
    2 Cross My Heart (Club Mix) 6:50
    3 Cross My Heart (Edit Of 12” Version) 4:58
    A Cross My Heart (Club Mix) 6:50
    B1 Cross My Heart (House Mix) 7:29
    B2 Cross My Heart (Dub Mix) 6:00
    A1 Cross My Heart (Club Mix) 6:50 @
    A2 Cross My Heart (Edit Of 12″ Version) 4:58 @
    B1 Cross My Heart (House Mix) 7:29 @ not the same as the uk one!
    B2 Cross My Heart (Dub Mix) 6:00 @
    B3 Cross My Heart (Bonus Beats) 2:38 @ón-En-Español/release/1563288
    A1 Baby Baby (Version En Español) 3:58 @
    A2 Baby Baby 3:58
    B Baby Baby (Dance Mix) 7:00
    A Baby Baby 3:58
    B Dusted 3:25 @
    A Baby Baby (Balearic Beat Baby) 5:58 @
    B Dusted (Acid House Mix) 6:01
    A1 Baby Baby (12″ Dance Mix) 6:05 by “Little” Louie Vega @
    A2 Baby Baby (Short Club Mix) 5:07 by “Little” Louie Vega @
    B1 Baby Baby (Euro Dance Mix) 7:00
    B2 Baby Baby (Patsy’s Mix) 6:00 @
    B3 Baby Baby (Dub Mix) 7:03 by “Little” Louie Vega @

    • BE.D12 says:

      Hi Griffin, wonderful track-list!
      now my question is: ”are there two House Version of Cross my heart?”
      [one by Little Louie Vega (US) and another (UK) probably by Phil Harding or Pete Hammond?]

  11. Shane says:

    Where is “J’ai pas peur”???

  12. ectinct zebroid says:

    The 10 inch mix is not just an edit of the Disco mix. It’s a bons fide, rather brilliant, Phil Harding remix, and my preferred verson. There’s ‘more going on’, for want of a better description. Amazing.

    • BE.D12 says:

      Hi, the 10” mix of I’m not scared by Phil Harding is missing of the beautiful intro and outro of the Disco Mix version and also there isn’t the french part of the song in the middle.
      I think it’s a minor mix, only for collectors.

  13. James Blair says:

    …and, of course, already available on Cherry Pop’s Phil Harding remix anthology.

  14. mr59 says:

    @James Blair: yes, I think so too, the “10 inch” mix is just an edit of the longer “disco mix”

  15. mr59 says:

    will this be the full length “little louie vega mix” running 7:17 or the shorter 5:17 edit which was already released on a US promo CD?

  16. James Blair says:

    Disappointing to see tracks repeated from Cherry Pop’s own expanded “Fearless” when there are rarer mixes missing. Why no Louie Vega US mix of “Baby Baby” when his mix of “…Heart” is there?
    And the 10″ mix of “…Scared” is pretty much just an edit of the Disco Mix, is it not?

    • BE.D12 says:

      Hi, Probably Baby Baby (Dance Mix) is the Louie Vega Mix because the EuroDance Mix by Pete Hammond is on the Fearless expanded edition like Cross my heart (Dance Mix), always mixed by Pete Hammond.

  17. Mike says:

    Should have been a double, feel a bit shortchanged.

  18. Mike F says:

    Sourced from master tapes or vinyl?

    • Kiki says:

      that’s a good question because the 1st release of “Fearless” by Chery red was simply a nightmare !

  19. Valentin says:

    It is a very good CD because it takes almost all versions 12 “inches, lacks for my theme Baby Baby in the version in Spanish. Ebay has significantly raised the price of this CD and the Remixes and Rarities of Bucks Fizz as well is a very high price, an spent the price, I’ll wait to be put down to buy it

  20. BE.D12 says:

    Why not a double CD ??? … missing of other remixes or dub versions and instrumentals to finally complete the remix discography of Eighth Wonder !!!
    I’m not scared (Little Louie Vega dub)
    Baby Baby (Balearic Beat Baby)
    Baby Baby (Eurodance mix)
    Cross my heart (Dance mix)
    Dusted (Acid House Mix) is the same of Baby Baby (Dusted mix) ?

    • Valentin says:

      Hi, I agree with you, would have to be a double CD to have all the complete discography, would add to your songs in Spanish version of Baby Baby. Thanks

  21. g man says:

    my one question on this is why did cherry red not just make the 2010 reissue of Fearless a 2 CD affair and release these then?…..i will however buy this :-)

  22. Kiki says:

    I didn’t check but is it a completion of the previous “Fearless” reedition by Cherry red ?

  23. Cal says:

    ‘Baby Baby (Tony Moran Dub)’ instead of the Louie Vega mix of ‘I’m Not Scared’ would be nice.

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