Exclusive: Blank & Jones “SoEighties presents ZTT” cover art revealed


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We are delighted to exclusively reveal the cover art from Blank & Jones‘ highly anticipated ZTT SoEighties release.

With art direction and copy by none other than Mr Paul Morley, the cover – like the musical reconstructions within – is true to the era.Morley has dubbed the project “A Remixed Obstacle In The Path Of The Obvious” and was keen to use the authentic blue ‘splatter’ background. This image was taken from the original studio walls back in the early 1980s.

More details on this SoEighties ZTT project can be found here. It is due for release in April 2014.


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7 responses to Exclusive: Blank & Jones “SoEighties presents ZTT” cover art revealed

  1. Carl says:

    Well sadly, you can’t order from Amazon UK as it’s not available.

  2. Stefano says:

    Really, really curious what the lads did with the multi tracks!
    Hopefully there will be a volume 2 in the near future.

  3. Eric says:

    Well, that artwork is fantastic.

  4. Steve says:

    Yes, why have amazon uk not got this available for pre order yet? :-(

  5. mr59 says:

    absolute 80s chic! :-)

  6. Lumber says:

    I think previous So80s weren’t listed for pre-order until very close to the release date

  7. Ben says:

    A really tiny bit of trivia: that dark blue and white paint spattering on a pale blue background was Tom Watkins (who did lots of the early ZTT design work) design and what was on the walls of Sarm recording studios originally.

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