Flight of the Conchords ‘Live in London’ on limited CLEAR 3LP vinyl

Flight of the Conchords 'Live in London' on limited CLEAR 3LP vinyl

The previously announced Flight of the Conchords Live in London audio set will be available as a limited ‘Loser Edition’ on 3LP CLEAR vinyl.

This is available via indie stores only and is extremely limited. It will come with a download code and is released on 8 March 2019. We have a small allocation in the SDE shop. Pre-order here, or use the ‘buy button’ below.

1. Father and Son *
2. Band Reunion
3. Iain and Deanna *
4. Inner City Pressure
5. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
6. Summer of 1353 *
7. Complimentary Muffin
8. Stana *
9. Stuck in a Lift
10. Foux du Fafa
11. Seagull  *
12. Mutha’uckas – Hurt Feelings
13. One More Anecdote
14. Back on the Road *
15. Thank You London
16. Bowie
17. Bus Driver *
18. Tuning
19. Robots
20. Shady Rachel
21. Carol Brown **
22. The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) **
* =  new song
** = bonus track not included in the TV special

8 responses to Flight of the Conchords ‘Live in London’ on limited CLEAR 3LP vinyl

  1. Brian Smith says:

    A dvd of this would have beb great. Since their shows have a visual aspect to them

  2. Steve says:

    All Sub Pop albums come as a “Loser Edition” when first available. The size of the run is dependent on the popularity of the artist, but if yr gonna get an album from Sub Pop, those are the ones to try and get.

    There’s a (sort of) explanation here –

  3. Geert DW says:

    ‘Loser Edition’? Is that a new concept?

  4. gary C says:

    Hi Paul
    did the ordinary vinyl come with a DL code, just read that post and you didn’t mention it
    Gary C

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