Frank Black and the Catholics / The Complete Recordings box set


Cooking Vinyl are releasing The Complete Recordings in April, a seven-CD box set that contains all six Frank Black and the Catholics albums and a bonus disc of unreleased demos.

To mix things up a bit, Frank Black has sequenced all the tracks alphabetically rather than chronologically, so that should make for an interesting listening experience (see full track listing below).

The initial collaboration is with PledgeMusic, so you can order various limited edition items from them, or the box itself is also available through traditional channels, such as Amazon. In fact at the moment the Italian Amazon has the box set cheaper than both Pledge and the UK Amazon.

Frank Black and the Catholics: The Complete Recordings is out on 6 April 2015.


Track listing

Disc One

• All My Ghosts
• Angst
• Are You Headed My Way?
• Back To Rome
• Bad Harmony
• Bartholomew
• Belle Isle*
• The Big Hurt*
• Billy Radcliffe
• Black Letter Day
• The Black Rider (rock version)
• The Black Rider (surf version)
• Blast Off
• Blizzard 1989 [unreleased]
• Bullet
• California Bound
• Changing of the Guards [unreleased]
• Changing of the Guards
• Chip Away Boy
• Coastline

Disc Two

• Cold Heart of Stone
• Constant Sorrow Man
• A Dab’ll Do Ya
• Do Nothing
• Do You Feel Bad About It?
• Dog Gone
• Dog in the Sand
• Don’t Clip Your Wings
• Down in the Hole
• End of Miles
• End of Miles [unreleased]
• Everything Is New
• The Farewell Bend
• Fields of Marigold
• Goodbye Lorraine
• Heloise
• Hermaphroditos (Is My Name)
• His Kingly Cave
• Horrible Day
• How You Went So Far

Disc Three

• Humboldt County Massacre [v1/unreleased]
• Humboldt County Massacre [v2]
• Humboldt County Massacre [v3]
• I Gotta Move
• I Love Your Brain
• I Need Peace
• I Switched You
• I Think I’m Starting to Lose it
• I Want Rock & Roll
• I Will Run After You
• I Will Run After You [unreleased]
• I’ll Be Blue
• I’m Going Down
• I’ve Seen Your Picture
• If It Takes All Night
• Jaina Blues
• Jane The Queen of Love
• Jet Black River
• John the Revelator [unreleased]
• King & Queen of Siam

Disc Four

• Le Cigar Volante
• Living on Soul
• Living on Soul [unreleased]
• Llano Del Rio
• Ludwigshaffen
• The Man Who Was Too Loud
• Manitoba
• Massif Centrale
• Modern Age
• My Favorite Kiss
• Nadine
• Nadine [unreleased]
• New House of the Pope
• Out of State
• Pan American Highway
• Pray for the Girls
• Preacher’s Daughter
• Robert Onion
• San Antonio, TX
• The Scene

Disc Five

• Selkie Bride [unreleased]
• Selkie Bride [instrumental/unreleased]
• Show me Your Tears
• Song of the Shrimp [unreleased]
• Sister Isabelle [unreleased]
• Six-Sixty-Six – Larry Norman
• Skeleton Man
• Sleep
• Smoke Up
• The Snake
• Snake Oil
• So Hard to Make Things Out
• So. Bay
• Solid Gold
• Some Things (I Can’t Get Used To)
• Southbound Bevy
• St. Francis Dam Disaster
• Steak ‘n’ Sabre
• Stupid Me
• Suffering

Disc Six

• Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day [unreleased]
• The Swimmer
• Take What You Want
• This Old Heartache
• Tiny Heart
• True Blue
• Valentine and Garuda
• Valley of our Hope
• Velvety
• Western Star
• When Will Happiness Find Me Again?
• Whiskey in Your Shoes
• Whiskey in Your Shoes [unreleased]
• Wu’re Such a Wire
• 21 Reasons
• 85 Weeks
• 1826
• 1826 [unreleased]

Disc Seven (bonus disc)
“True Blue” – alternate versions of songs from Black Letter Days

• Black Letter Day
• California Bound
• Chip Away Boy
• Cold Heart Of Stone
• How You Went So Far
• Jane the Queen of Love
• Jet Black River
• Southbound Bevy
• Western Star
• The End of Miles
• The Farewell Bend
• Valentine and Garuda
• Whispering Weeds

4 responses to Frank Black and the Catholics / The Complete Recordings box set

  1. Nils says:

    I heard through the grapevine that there will be also a Vinyl Box set, can you confirm?

  2. Charles Hodgson says:

    Dean: Great comment! Pretty sure I don’t agree with the superiority of the Catholics over Pixies. BUT this is just the kind of eccentric comment that makes me stop and think. For sure I’ll have it in mind next time I listen to them.

    Got a couple of the Catholics albums only as far as I recall. Lost interest in FB progressively after loving Pixies and ‘Frank Black’ / ‘Teenager Of The Year’. (Still a Kim Deal completist though!)

    Might be in for a copy of this with a decent price drop though.

    As for the alphabetical tracklisting: NUTS!
    (But intriguing…)

  3. ATF says:

    Thought process:

    Oh, terrific. Sounds like a must-buy. It’s all in alphabetical order? Nope, will get them as individual LPs.

  4. Dean says:

    Well, this is a surprise. Every recording with The Catholics are fantastic. The trouble is, I have them all.

    I’m also not so sure about having the same tracks play back to back. So for example, in the track list given you’ve got to sit through three versions of Humboldt County Massacre before getting to the next track.

    I’m really on the fence about this. A lot will depend on the packaging/booklet. As I have already have all of the music (sans the unreleased stull) £60 seems pricey. But a quality package could swing it.

    Not an instant YES from me then, but I’ll keep my eye on it. The music I do know is brilliant, in fact I much prefer it to his Pixies material.

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