Gentle Giant / Octopus CD+Blu-ray


UK prog rockers Gentle Giant‘s fourth album, Octopus has been remixed (in part) by Steven Wilson for an expanded CD+Blu-ray audio reissue.

The new edition of the 1972 album sees Wilson remix five of the eight tracks for stereo and 5.1 surround sound (this is due to missing multi-tracks). The remaining three tracks (Advent of Panurge, Raconteur Troubadour and The Boys in the Band) are the original stereo remixes on the CD and on the blu-ray have been processed through Penteo upmix software for 5.1 surround sound. Steven did this for Broken on Tears For FearsSongs From The Big Chair, if you remember.

Both discs also include a bonus track of a 16 minute live version of Extracts from Octopus, again newly mixed into stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

As well as the album tracks in 96/24 Stereo LPCM & DTS 5.1 Master Audio, the blu-ray element of this set contains a flat transfer of the original 1972 mix, and instrumental versions of the five stereo remixes, all in high resolution.

This Octopus reissue comes as a six panel digi-pack with 16 page booklet, including new sketches from original front cover creator Roger Dean and is being put out on the band’s own label, Alucard. A single CD edition is also available.

Octopus CD+Blu-ray is released on 30th October 2015.


Octopus CD+Blu-ray


Both discs include (stereo only on CD, stereo and 5.1 on blu-ray):

  • • Advent of Panurge *
  • • Raconteur Troubadour *
  • • Cry For Everyone
  • • Knots
  • • The Boys in the Band *
  • • A Dog’s Life
  • • Think of Me With Kindness
  • • River

Bonus Track:

  • Extracts from Octopus (live in Paris)

* due to missing multi track tapes these titles are the original stereo mixes, and have been processed through Penteo upmix software for 5.1 surround sound

8 responses to Gentle Giant / Octopus CD+Blu-ray

  1. A says:

    Yes, you´re right. That would be my wish, too to get a deluxe Treatment / Remix for fab “AtT”. Maybe their most ambitious and adventurous Album and my favourite.

  2. Rik_K says:

    I really look forward to this! I enjoy owning the “Power/Glory” 5.1 set, as well as the 4.1 quad versions of “Free Hand” and “Interview”. Now if only we could get some kind of deluxe treatment for “Acquiring the Taste”.

    Next on my wishlist for the Surround treatment would be any of the classic releases by Van der Graaf Generator. Hopefully Peter Hammill’s been chatting with either Steven or Jakko about this…

  3. wayne klein says:

    Steven has done terrific work for the Tears For Fears, Xtc and Gentle Giant so I’m looking forward to this.

  4. MiG says:

    Amazon JP lists a one-disk CD version which it calls “Steven Wilson 5.1 Remix” — could this possibly be an SACD? The ASIN number is B014JDO9NC. This is different to the CD/BluRay pack which is ASIN B014JDO9R8 and considerably more expensive.

    • JOHN McCARTHY¥ says:

      Must’ve been a mistake, the single CD version is now ¥2,508 ($20.82, £13.32) and the CD+Blu-Ray is ¥3,764 ($31.34, £19.99)

  5. richie says:

    The band announced this at the Prog Magazine Awards Ceremony, check the videos out if you are a prog fan especially part two were Rick Wakeman does a good turn as a comedian.

    Back to `Octopus` really looking forward to this as it is probably the Giants finest out of a few fine albums. Steven Wilson waves his magic wand again!

  6. Steven says:

    Thanks for letting us know.

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