Hank Thompson / The Pathway of My Life 1966 to 1986: 8CD box set


Cover shown with Bear Records watermark, not present on the actual artwork!

German label Bear Family Records will issue an eight-CD box set of Hank Thompson material titled The Pathway Of My Life 1966-1986 on 24 September 2013.

This box set includes all of the country music star’s post-Capitol recordings for Warner Brothers, Dot, ABC, Churchill, and MCA/Dot during the twenty year period from 1966 through 1986.

The eight CDs contain 246 tracks –  all the hits, along with every album track, and dozens of rarities and overlooked gems that have never been available on CD before now. In total 673 minutes of music.

The set is packaged as an LP sized box and contains a 126-page hardcover book with essays and photos.

Note to US visitors: At the time of writing the UK amazon price is significantly cheaper than the price in the USA!

2 responses to Hank Thompson / The Pathway of My Life 1966 to 1986: 8CD box set

  1. Terence W says:

    Amazon.CA now has the cheapest price.

  2. Michael Dalton says:

    Seriously hope True Confessions includes the Fire & Brimstone version of Venus.

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