Hue and Cry / Remote: Major to Minor / 4-disc deluxe package


Scottish pop duo Hue and Cry are reissuing one of their most successful albums as a special deluxe book set.

Their second album, 1988’s Remote, becomes Remote: Major To Minor – a 3CD+DVD set packaged within a 48-page hardback book.

The original album featured two memorable top 30 singles (Looking for Linda and Violently) as well as the almost-hits Ordinary Angel and Sweet Invisibility. This new set not only provides a newly remastered version of Remote, but offers a completely re-recorded and reworked version of the album 25 years on. The third CD in the collection presents a selection of remixes and B-sides personally selected by Patrick and Gregory Kane (the Kate Bush cover The Man With The Child In His Eyes is notable by its absence!). These have all been taken from the original master tapes which were ‘baked’. Finally the DVD element not only contains the promo videos, but has Hue and Cry on camera discussing the album track-by-track.

The 10″x 10″ book charts the formative years of the band and includes many unseen photos from the personal collections of Patrick and Gregory as well as scanned handwritten lyrics.

Remote: Major to Minor is available exclusively from the Hue and Cry shop. If you get in early with your pre-order the boys add a handwritten dedication to you in your book!

Track listing


Re-worked versions of the twelve songs on the original ‘Remote’ album emotionally and meticulously recorded twenty five years on especially for this release.

  • 01. ORDINARY ANGEL (GK’s Story)
  • 02. SLOW TRAIN HOME (Never Stop Looking)
  • 03. GUY ON THE WALL (Explosion At The Door)
  • 04. VIOLENTLY (Open To The Core)
  • 05. DOLLAR WILLIAM (Meets Lady Gaia)
  • 06. UNDER NEON (Shanghai Calling Out)
  • 07. THE ONLY THING (Drone Song)
  • 08. WHERE WE WISH TO REMAIN (Man With The Horn)
  • 09. SWEET INVISIBILITY (Between The Cracks)
  • 10. THREE FOOT BLASTS OF FIRE (Rollin’ And Rumblin’)
  • 11. REMOTE (Close The Show)
  • 12. FAMILY OF EYES (Hipster Stare)

Disc 2 – REMOTE (original album remastered)

  • 04. VIOLENTLY (Your Words Hit Me)
  • 06. UNDER NEON
  • 07. THE ONLY THING (More Powerful Than The Boss)
  • 11. REMOTE


  • 01. UNDER NEON (Bright Lights Big City Mix)
  • 02. LOOKING FOR LINDA (Slow Train Home Mix)
  • 03. VIOLENTLY (Acappella)
  • 04. SWEET INVISIBILITY (Citizen K Mix)
  • 05. ORDINARY ANGEL (Hoedown Mix)
  • 08. TWISTED
  • 09. VIOLENTLY (Rolling Gently Mix)
  • 10. SWEET INVISIBILITY (Black Hole Mix)


Patrick and Gregory Kane together in the studio discussing the making and recording of the original 12” vinyl version of ‘Remote’ album, track by track.

Plus promo videos:-

  • VIOLENTLY (Your Words Hit Me)

17 responses to Hue and Cry / Remote: Major to Minor / 4-disc deluxe package

  1. Paul English says:

    All Your Music were selling this on Ebay for GBP 20 plus 2 quid for postage. Took nearly three weeks to arrive but it’s new, sealed and signed (685 / 1000) which wasn’t mentioned in the listing. Excellent set.

  2. mike says:

    Two years on, its still the same price….

  3. Mike Jones says:

    Was going to fork out the £40, then I saw it was another £6.50 postage on top. Shame really love the music, but nearly £50 just a bit too much for me.

  4. Mike says:

    No :) wish theyd do a Sony and reduce the price, its too expensive for what is included….

  5. Mike says:

    You can hear the clips on amazon for the new version, they are all quite ‘jazz noodling’…..

  6. william says:

    No offence meant but They both look like private pile from full metal jacket on the cover

  7. Mike says:

    Ah i thought it was just my copy!!

  8. JuzzyB says:

    Yes, quite pricey but given the expensive tat peddled on their website (songframes, anyone?) I am not surprised. They probably need the money to maintain their champagne socialist lifestyle. It would be nice to have Greenock Time and Twisted on CD, but where is ‘I Am John’s Heart’, or ‘He Won’t Smile’? And as Mike stated, the 12″ of The Only Thing MPTTB, which I have never been able to find on a 12″ which isn’t pressed off-centre. Maybe they are saving these for the 30th anniversary set. Also, it would be nice to be able to hear some of the Major to Minor disc before purchase in case it is dreadful/embarrassing.

  9. Mike says:

    Sadly since their return Pat and Greg have been on a mission to make a lot of money out of their residual fanbase, see some of the limiteds in their shop. 40 quid is 20 quid too much. The b sides collection is incomplete and only 3 are new to cd, which is shocking given the amount that remain undigitised, Rolling Home, the only thing 12″, Remote live, Acapella and 7″ mixes of Sweet Invisibility for example. The radio one concert from may 89 would have been a great inclusion as it includes two unreleased songs, which presumably also exists in studio form. I would make a plea to expand the b sides disc and remove the common cd single / budget compilation tracks. Before anyone wonders, Remote is my favourite cd of all time and deserves better. Too expensive and not good enough Kane’s!

  10. trash says:

    Kind of vaguely interested (would be more interested if it was cheaper or if it was Seduced and Abandoned – a better album IMHO although I believe Remote was far more successful).

    Incidentally I would love to hear their version of Squeeze’s ‘Tempted’ again – one of my favourite songs and I think I saw Hue And Cry perform it on the Tube back in the day…

  11. Paul H says:

    I completely agree with Will. I am a fairly big fan of Hue and Cry and have all their other albums but the price is about twice what I would think is reasonable given the general standing of the band and this album and also the content which is interesting but not essential. You could compare pricing favourably with Belinda Carlisle but unfavourably with the Tears for Fears’ The Hurting set, and moreso the Aztec Camera, Beat and Everything but the Girl reissues which had thoughtful content loaded and went out at between £10 and £15 each . I think inflated pricing in general is an unwelcome side effect of some super deluxe editions

  12. Marc says:

    Well, here we go again, another so-called lavish reissue with lots of essential b-sides, remixes and alternate versions missing… and also the Bitter Suite live album (released at the time as part of a limited double cd package together with Remote) is nowhere to be seen. Would love to see you do a ‘Swing Out Sister’ on this one, Paul. But I fear the abovementioned track listing is the final cut.

  13. Will says:

    Maybe I’m a bit stingy but 40 quid is probably about double what I was expecting the price to be.
    The original had a live album with it as well if I remember correctly…..this one doesn’t.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s cheaper than the Belinda Carlisle Anthology by £20, although admittedly that has an extra disc and more content.

      • Gary C says:

        It’s a smart set. I’m usually quite harsh on re-recorded versions but I do have a soft spot for the Kane brothers. They’ve got their hands on the original masters so this could be very interesting.
        Maybe 2CD sets would have been a better way to go. I’d certainly want to buy Stars Crash Down and Truth & Love in 2CD editions.

  14. Pete says:

    Does this mean we might get a deluxe version of ‘Seduced And Abandoned’? I’d definitely buy that, it’s their best album by far.

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