Ian Anderson / “Thick As A Brick”: Live in Iceland / blu-ray and 2CD


Ian Anderson – or to use his full name Jethro-Tull’s-Ian-Anderson – took the classic Tull opus Thick As A Brick out on the road in 2012, combining it with his own Thick As A Brick 2, to give audiences the chance to hear the full story of Gerald Bostock in a live setting.

A concert from this tour was filmed in Iceland and Eagle Rock are releasing this in August across video and audio formats.

An SD Blu-ray edition offers standard definition picture but hi-res audio, while the 144 minute show is also available on normal DVD. Additionally, the audio is being released across a two-CD set on the same day. There appears to be no deluxe book/CD/blu-ray-type combo, so two separate purchases may be in order if you want the CDs and dvd/blu-ray.

 Thick As A Brick Live in Iceland is released on 25 August 2014




2CD edition



2 responses to Ian Anderson / “Thick As A Brick”: Live in Iceland / blu-ray and 2CD

  1. MLava says:

    And what about us here in the good old USA?

  2. Danilo says:

    Why a Standard Definition recording? There is a HD recording of the Montreux gig

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