Ian Dury / New Boots And Panties!! five-disc 40th anniversary deluxe edition

Ian Dury / New Boots and Panties!! 40th anniversary deluxe

40th anniversary • 4CD+LP • limited edition includes clear vinyl pressing

Demon Music will, in October, issue a 40th anniversary five-disc deluxe edition of Ian Dury‘s celebrated 1977 debut album New Boots And Panties!!

There has been a number of reissues over the years of course, but this 4CD+LP set, packaged as a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book, is the most comprehensive to date. It offers the album on the CD 1, bonus tracks (including the brilliant Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll) with John Peel Sessions on the second disc, demos on CD 3 and a full 1978 live performance from the Paris Theatre in London on the final disc (previously unreleased on CD).

The fifth and final disc is a vinyl LP of the album. For the limited Amazon UK exclusive (500 only) this is a clear vinyl pressing (standard edition is black). Update: the limited edition has SOLD OUT.

Comedian/broadcaster Phill Jupitus has written notes for the booklet and this deluxe set of New Boots and Panties!! will be issued on 27 October 2017.

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Ian Dury

New Boots and Panties!! - deluxe edition with black vinyl

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 56.2
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 62.98
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 49.79
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 66.38
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 40.5
Amazon es 6LP coloured vinyl box 72.09
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 84.72
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 69.99

CD 1
1. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
2. Sweet Gene Vincent
3. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
4. My Old Man
5. Billericay Dickie
6. Clevor Trever
7. If I Was With A Woman
8. Blockheads
9. Plaistow Patricia
10. Blackmail Man

CD 2
1. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
2. Razzle In My Pocket
3. You’re More Than Fair
4. England’s Glory [live]
5. Close To Home
6. Two Steep Hills
7. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (BBC John Peel Session)
8. Clevor Trever (BBC John Peel Session)
9. Sweet Gene Vincent (BBC John Peel Session)
10. Blockheads (BBC John Peel Session)

CD 3
1. Wake Up And Make Love With Me (Demo)
2. Sink My Boats (Demo)
3. Apples (Demo)
4. England’s Glory (Demo)
5. Tell The Children (Demo)
6. I Made Mary Cry (Demo)
7. Sweet Gene Vincent [backing track] (Demo)
8. Blackmail Man (Demo)
9. My Old Man (Demo)
10. Something’s Going To Happen In The Winter (Demo)
11. Wifey (Demo)
12. Sink My Boats [alternate version] (Demo)
13. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra (Demo)
14. If I Was With A Woman (Demo)
15. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Demo)
16. Clevor Trever (Demo)
17. Blockheads (Demo)

CD 4
1. Sex & Drugs And Rock And Roll (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
2. Wake Up And Make Love With Me (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
3. Clevor Trever (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
4. Plaistow Patricia (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
5. I Made Mary Cry (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
6. What A Waste (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
7. Blockheads (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
8. If I Was With A Woman (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
9. Upminster Kid (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
10. Sweet Gene Vincent (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)
11. Sex & Drugs And Rock And Roll (Reprise) (Live At The Paris Theatre, London, 01/07/1978)

Vinyl LP
1. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
2. Sweet Gene Vincent
3. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
4. My Old Man
5. Billericay Dickie
6. Clevor Trever
7. If I Was With A Woman
8. Blockheads
9. Plaistow Patricia
10. Blackmail Man

44 responses to Ian Dury / New Boots And Panties!! five-disc 40th anniversary deluxe edition

  1. John Whelan says:

    There are 86 available on Amazon so not sold far from it!

  2. Pingback:Ian Dury / More boots, more panties!!! | superdeluxeedition

  3. Warren says:

    Oh, Can we please have “Do It Yourself” next!

  4. Edward D says:

    I’ll have to give this a fair shake. I listened to it once with what I thought was an open-mind back when The Streets (remember him???) was all the rage and was being compared to this album, and found the production thin, the music fair at best, but much less clever than people claimed it was. S&D&R&R is a single for the ages, though.

    • EW99 says:

      “the production thin, the music fair at best, but much less clever than people claimed it was”

      Funnily enough this was my opinion of The Streets :)

  5. Michael G says:

    One album worthy of a reissue compared to some of the recent artists,given the box set treatment.

  6. Greg says:

    I do not think I can count how many vinyl and CD versions I have of this album. It is absolutely brilliant. Ian was a genius. This is one of the few times I can’t complain about vinyl, marbles, missing items, or price. Considering the state of music in 1977 this was not only great, it was radical. It’s just a shame that Ian cannot be here to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Save up and buy this, it is very good, indeed.

  7. Steve Benson says:

    My NZ Stiff LP from 1977 has S&D&R&R on it – track 1, side 2 – listed on label although not on back cover – how common was this?

  8. Mr X says:

    Saw him with the blockheads at Gant’s hill odeon around 1978.

    Absolutely bloody amazing!

  9. Dean says:

    They’re idiots for including the Vinyl. Like others, the Vinyl has pushed the price up too far, so I’m out.

  10. Nicofromsa says:

    Initially unsure until I asked Joyce and Vicki who quite rightly said don’t be a blinking thicky. Even Clever Trever (yes Trever is the correct spelling) reminded me how many times I’ve bought Who Live at Leeds, Ziggy Stardust, Highway 61, Sticky Fingers, Transformer etc. So we are not all flipping thicky when we buy our faves over and over – we’re just “doing very well”.
    Time for a rum and ribena with Nina in the back or her cortina. Tell me he wasn’t a genius check out Razzle in my Pocket for a music legend with no peer.

  11. benny cadabra says:

    the single version of sweet gene vincent isn’t there

    • EW99 says:

      Intrigued by this comment… Was the single version different? I used to have the 7″ but flogged it years ago. Always thought it was identical to the version on the LP.

  12. Paul says:

    This is a great album and from the bits I’ve heard, the Blockheads were a great live band. But already have the 2004 reissue with one bonus CD and I don’t listen to that CD very often (ie never).
    Of course there will always be those who buy every single thing put out by an artist. And some SDEs genuinely provide significant volume of otherwise unavailable material or are reasonably priced.

    But many albums have been issued in an expanded format once or twice (or more) already. Some deluxe editions increasingly look like devices to exploit the die-hard fan (Mr McCartney, Mr Waters, I am looking at you) who will pay almost whatever ludicrous price is demanded. At £60 or less, this isn’t too bad. But I’m out.

  13. baward says:

    I am more than happy with my orange Sainsbury’s copy, re-buy of an album I had for donkey’s years and my old copy was showing its age.

    I wonder about the sense of buying a particular record, even one that ‘only 500’ of a certain colour are available, unless it ties in with what you need to have and play there and then. I am not sure that its any kind of investment. I think the only winners here are Amazon and the record company (sadly not the artist any more.)

  14. Stevie B says:

    Almost bought the standard single edition from HMV for £5.99 last weekend, but went for the expanded Tom Robinson Band Power in the Darkness album from a few back instead. Might go for this if the price drops to around £40 as the demos, Peel Session tracks and live show should be excellent, but really could have done without being forced to accept the vinyl.

  15. Billericay Dickie says:

    Overpriced! I’ll stick to my well worn original

  16. Meadowmeal says:

    All albums that are among enough people’s favourite albums are eligible, I guess.

  17. Marshall Gooch says:

    Isn’t the correct spelling “Clever Trevor” or did Dury spell it “Clevor Trever” on purpose? It shows up on all discs and vinyl seemingly misspelled.

  18. graham hill says:

    looks a nice set of this must have classic album, especially with the amazon 500 only clear vinyl. just ordered……

  19. Gareth says:

    How many more 40-minute albums are going to get the 5 or 6 disc treatment? It’s getting a little ridiculous now. And while I’m sure live tracks, radio sessions and demos are all very interesting pieces of musical history, they probably won’t warrant more than one listen!!?

    • frattonlad says:

      Depends on the listener Gareth. I have listened many times to the R. E. M. reissues which contain demos, live recordings and sometimes both.

      They add a great deal of appeal to me and surely multi-disc versions of favourite albums is why we are all here? This is after all.

      If you take away sessions, demos and live recordings what else would you want to see added to make an SDE release? 5.1? Video? Marbles and tote bags?

    • Fan says:

      If released separately as regular 2cd sets without the original album,they would probably sell less than the big deluxe package,since the only interesting thing is the live album (and 6 bonus tracks on cd2 that surely fits with the original album on a 80min cd)

  20. Keith says:

    Would have been an immediate purchase without the vinyl instead it’s a no sale.

    Thanks for saving me money as I already have the re-issue with the DVD

  21. Auntie Sabrina says:

    mike, I’d say Tubular Bells or Rumours as the most reissued albums

    • David says:

      I don’t have or know the numbers, but my vote would be “Tommy.”

    • Guy says:

      Maybe ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’? There’s a 40th anniversary edition coming out according to Mojo. Not sure what else they can do with it to make it ‘different’ to all previous versions!

      Anyway, I’ve ordered the ltd Ian Dury as I’ve only got the vinyl on a badly scratched original copy. Thanks for the heads up Paul!

  22. Scott says:

    Would be tempted but only without the vinyl.

  23. mike says:

    Is this the most reissued album ever? Classic of course.

  24. superenigmatix says:

    When I bought the repressed vinyl in 1986-ish there was a second one-sided disc with it containing a discussion with Ian about each track. I’m surprised they didn’t add that to this, it would have fitted nicely on the end of CD2

    • Jonathan says:

      We’ll have to wait for the SuperdupaUltimate Edition for that.

    • David Bly says:

      That’s interesting. I have a CD re-release of the album that also has Ian talking about each track, and put the tracks on a second disc which included some of the non-live songs listed above on CD2

      Bad missed opportunity to add them again.

  25. Andy V says:

    Ah ha, see there it is – was it just me or was it obvious that when the Sainsbury’s Orange Vinyl appeared, there was going to be different coloured vinyl pop up somewhere else from the same stampers…. ummmm

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