In stock: Donna Summer: Another Place and Time white vinyl box


The Donna Summer Another Place and Time white vinyl 12-inch box was highly sought after at this year’s Record Store Day, resulting in sets changing hands for three-figure prices on eBay after the event. I have bad news if you’ve paid a lot for this since there is now some stock available for purchase on the Official Donna Summer store.

This five vinyl record set is now available for just £40 plus shipping, although do note that this isn’t available in all territories.

Track listing

LP 1

  • A: This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Version)
  • B1: Whatever Your Heart Desires
  • B2: This Time I Know It’s For Real (Instrumental)

LP 2

  • A: I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Extended Version)
  • B1: I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Instrumental)
  • B2: Dinner With Gershwin (Album Version)

LP 3

  • A: Love’s About To Change My Heart (Extended Version)
  • B1: Love’s About To Change My Heart (Instrumental)
  • B2: Jeremy (Album Version)

LP 4

  • A: When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford – Extended Version)
  • B1: When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford – Instrumental)
  • B2: Bad Reputation (Album Version)

LP 5

  • A: Breakaway (Remix – Full Version)
  • B1: Breakaway (Remix – Edit)
  • B2: Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Album Version)

11 responses to In stock: Donna Summer: Another Place and Time white vinyl box

  1. discoadam says:

    I received the set (in stick at this week and I am so impressed with how beautiful it is. The cover of the box is stunning. It’s art. If you are sitting on the fence about this set, jump off because you will be thrilled and delighted. The box is solid and sturdy and the records fit nicely inside. The white vinyl is stunning and contrasts beautifully with the labels. Impressed! In some dream world I hope Universal will do The Queen justice and we’ll see a box set of her Casablanca albums and 12″ single set too. Probably as likely as me winning the lottery but I’ve always been a dreamer.

  2. baward says:

    Received mine safely and quickly yesterday. no problems with myplay for me.

    I think this ‘found some more down the back of the sofa’ thing, together with eBay scalpers, makes a complete mockery of RSD.

  3. Mounir says:

    I agree with you Fabio, I’ve had also bought items from them, and none was sent.

  4. Fabio says:

    This, coming from the serial scammers Myplay it is a joke, they never ship anything, I bought 17 items in 3 transactions, NONE of the items was sent , they dont have anything in stock, never, this company is a joke

  5. DJ Control says:

    Available for punters in Australia but with A$40 shipping. Myplay Direct O/S shipping costs are ridiculous.

  6. Fady says:

    I still rate APAT as one of SAW and Summer’s best albums. There are some cracking tunes on it. But the price, for what is essentially 5 x 12 inch singles, is outrageously expensive. What a shame.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s £8 per 12-inch. In this day and age not overly expensive – they were £3.49 30-years ago!! I paid £17 for a seven-inch on RSD this year!

  7. Shane says:

    And they could not have said this before people gave money to scalpers!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think the lesson here is that most things on Record Store Day will turn up again in some shape or form, so it’s never worth paying over the odds.

  8. Billy Dojcak says:

    Not available in U.S.

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