Japanese CD of the Day / Scritti Politti: White Bread Black Beer


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Scritti Politti‘s well received 2006 album White Bread Black Beer is our Japanese CD of the Day.

This edition comes with a bonus DVD. It’s effectively a 15-minute EPK (Electronic Press Kit) but is really rather interesting as we follow Green Gartside around Paris as he buys a guitar from a music shop, and hangs out in local cafes while talking about his past (“success felt like failure”) and his approach to this new record (yet to be followed up!).

This Japanese Edition of the Rough Trade release (TECI-28378) also contains two bonus tracks, The Last Time I Looked and Hands Up (Skillz-N-Green) both of which were included on the CD single of The Boom Boom Bap.

Not sure how easily available this is, but amazon are showing some Japanese versions amongst the various offerings.

One response to Japanese CD of the Day / Scritti Politti: White Bread Black Beer

  1. trash says:

    Picked this up on a trip to Tokyo at the time.
    Very nice release of a great album (wish Green would get around to doing another – he did play a new track at the recent Scritti/Heaven 17 gig so he’s obviously still writing).

    Wish the EPK was a bit longer – just leaves you wanting more :-)

    Great choice for Japanese CD of the day!

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