Joe Satriani / The Complete Studio Recordings / 15CD box set


Sony’s Legacy Recordings division will release the The Complete Studio Recordings of rock guitarist Joe Satriani in April 2014.

All 14 studios albums, starting with 1986’s Not Of This Earth, are included in this 15CD box set, with the final disc being made of a selection of rarities specially curated by Satriani himself (Added Creations and Bonus Tracks).

Everything has been newly remastered under the supervision of engineer John Cuniberti who has a history of working on projects with Satriani. The clamshell box comes with a booklet and each CD is packaged in ‘vinyl replica’ card sleeves.

Complete Studio Recordings is released on 21 April 2014.


Albums featured in the box:

  • Not Of This Earth (1986)
  • Surfing With The Alien (1987)
  • Flying In A Blue Dream (1989)
  • The Extremist (1992)
  • Time Machine (1993)
  • Joe Satriani (1995)
  • Crystal Planet (1998)
  • Engines Of Creation (2000)
  • Strange Beautiful Music (2002)
  • Is There Love In Space? (2004)
  • Super Colossal (2006)
  • Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock (2008)
  • Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards (2010)
  • Unstoppable Momentum (2013)
  • Additional Creations And Bonus Tracks

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  1. Kyle says:

    Satriani is a legend. Am saving to buy this box set as we speak.

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