Judie Tzuke / Full Moon: The Complete Collection / 24CD deluxe set

Wrasse Records will later this month issue Full Moon: The Complete Collection a new 24CD box set of English singer-songwriter Judie Tzuke‘s studio and live albums.

This new set comes packaged in ‘coffee table book’ form and includes a bonus CD which features a selection of tracks from the Moon on a Mirrorball compilation and the Song Club sets.

Full Moon: The Complete Collection will be released on 16 November 2018.

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Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 84.99
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 157.92
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 152.99
HMV uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 84.99

CD1: Welcome to the Cruise
CD2: Sportscar
CD3: I am the Phoenix
CD4: Shoot the Moon
CD5: Roadnoise – The Official Bootleg
CD6: Ritmo
CD7: The Cat is Out
CD8: Turning Stones
CD9: Left Hand Talking
CD10: Wonderland
CD11: Under the Angels
CD12: Over The Moon
CD13: Secret Agent
CD14: Six Days Before the Flood
CD15: Queen Secret Keeper
CD16: Drive (Live)
CD17: The Beauty of Hindsight
CD18: The End of the Beginning
CD19: Songs
CD20: Songs 2
CD21: The October Road
CD22: One Tree Less
CD23: Peace has Broken Out
CD24: More From The Moon (Collection of selected tracks for the Box Set)

32 responses to Judie Tzuke / Full Moon: The Complete Collection / 24CD deluxe set

  1. Keith says:

    Surprised some people here have not heard of her, but did not know she had made this many records. When I was at Uni I was the Hall/JCR President fro a year, which meant I got free tickets for all the Hall Parties that year. I only went to a couple – I’m not a party person (sleep is my drug!) and in a sense of fairness spread all tickets around the Hall committee. I did not regret that – except that one of the parties had this new singer who some people said was going to be big.Later, after I’d heard her debut record, I regretted not going to see Judie Tzuke. The first album was massive, then she very quickly almost disappeared from public view. If she had only ever done SWMTD and For You that should have been enough to cement her reputation for all time. I’ve not heard of most of these albums, but am certainly tempted to invest. She had great song writing talent as well as a voice.

  2. Julian H says:

    I think John “Rhino” Edwards, Jeff Rich and Mike Paxman all played in her band – two of them ended up in Status Quo, one of them is still with them, and the third one became their producer. So there’s another link…

    • Gary says:

      You’re quite right Julian and Mike Paxman was also a dab hand on guitar and could knock out a great solo to boot as part of Judies’ band and songwriting team on her earlier tours. Also of note, on her first headline British tour in 1980 she was supported by a band named Graduate who became SDE faves Tears For Fears and on her following tour was supported by A Flock Of Seagulls who nurtured a cult following. Ms Tzuke also headlined a night at Glastonbury no less in 1982.

  3. Patrick says:

    Hope these will be available individually too? I just bought her new album with Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham. Judie is an amazing songwriter.

  4. Steve F says:

    @Paul – is there any way of finding out…

    A:- If the Individual albums will include Bonus Tracks (B Sides, 12″ Extended Mixes)

    [When “Cherry Red Records” re-released “Left Hand Talking”, it included 4 Bonus Tracks: SAFE HOUSE / DOG ROSE / OUTLAWS (12″ VERSION) / GOD ONLY KNOWS (12″ ALTERNATIVE MIX)]

    Similalrly, when a Remastered version of “Shoot The Moon” was released in 2006, it also included 4 Bonus Tracks:

    The original CD Version of “Turning Stones” featured ALL THEY CAN DO IS TALK as a Bonus Track (presumably, this’ll be included on the CD version in the Box Set as well]


    B:- What the tracklisting of the “More From The Moon” Bonus CD is..?

    Also, it may be worth amending the list of albums to note that the following are (Live):
    CD. 5 – Roadnoise – The Official Bootleg (Live)
    CD.12 – Over The Moon (Live)
    CD.14 – Six Days Before The Flood (Live)
    CD.21 – The October Road (Live)

    It has been mentioned elsewhere that the BBC In Concert CD has been omitted, which is a great shame as copies of this on CD are appear to be as rare as Unicorn Shit on the Moon!

    • Josh Higgins says:

      I have spoken via email with Jamie Muggleton at Big Moon Records. Unfortunately, all the various record companies they had to license from were only offering the albums. Therefore, the boxset does not contain any bonus tracks.

  5. Larry Davis says:

    Saw the price drop…down to 84.99 pounds and with the VAT removed… That’s like 73 and converted to US dollars, it’s like $98 which for a 24CD coffee table bookbox like the Dead Or Alive and Debbie Gibson sets, I’m happy to have taken the plunge…I cancelled other orders to make room in my budget for this one…just felt it in my gut not to cancel it, would regret it…and the price may even drop some more…who knows??

  6. Doug says:

    When you consider that Ian Hunter’s 30CD box set is still in the £250 bracket. Six discs less and this one is just £84.99. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Citing licensing etc rings a bit hollow. I got the Nazareth box for just over the ton mark and that has over 40 discs, CD’s, vinyl and 7″s.

  7. Paul Mayle says:

    Been a hige fan from the start, got them all, great collection though, seen her live many times, an amazing woman, musicaly and otherwise , she makes Adele look like a pub singer

  8. Larry Davis says:

    Name didn’t ring a bell…so I went to Wikipedia and saw she worked with a few people I like, such as Lucie Silvas…so she got me curious…went to YouTube…holy smokes!! This woman is AMAZING…I saw she had this one big hit in the UK, “Stay With me Till Dawn” (#16 UK), but it didn’t hit the US charts, saw she was on Rocket Records and Elton had her open for him at NYC’s Central Park, 450K people, he wanted to break her in the US, but it didn’t work…she is more a “personal” artist than a mass appeal one…I watched a few videos and I was struck by her range…some piano & strings, some Kate Bush-esque, some have hard rock elements…really cool stuff…vocally, she has this sexy rasp that reminded me of Kim Wilde or if Natasha Bedingfield was any good…she has a great melodic sense and an individuality I love…I ordered the set…came to $115US with the VAT removed, not a bad deal at all, with 24 discs!! I took the chance, and at least I have an idea of what she is like, not buying totally blind…she is like a new discovery for me…thanks Paul!!

  9. Hans Jörg says:

    Never heard of her. Will check YouTube

  10. Gisabun says:

    @Phil Morris:
    So she supported Elton John. Doesn’t mean every one of the 450,000 will buy her albums or care for her music.
    I’ve gone to plenty of shows with opening acts that didn’t impress me.
    You ask 100 or 1,000 or even 10,000 New York people in the demographics that could like her and I’m sure very few will know who she is.

    • Gary says:

      I think Mr Morris was merely pointing out her former status. She has released plenty of good stuff in her time and sure not everyone has heard it or heard of her but if you know some of her stuff this is a great opportunity to acquire her back catalogue at a bargain price. On her early British tours Graduate (who became Tears For Fears) and Flock Of Seagulls both opened for her, not everyone purchased their albums or cared for them but plenty did! This is a quality release wether or not you like or have heard of the artist and thanks to SDE for recognising that and publishing without prejudice.

  11. Robert Laversuch says:

    Sublime – absolute steal at that price! So many of those albums are impossible to find or super expensive so no brainer- ordered

  12. VanceMan says:

    If I didn’t have every single one of these, I would buy in a heartbeat. A good half-dozen of those LPs are superlative and worth the low cost … and you get all the rest, too.

    P.S. Did someone mention that headline should be “Judie”?

  13. Foxee says:

    Judie Tzuke is a national treasure.

    Not just a beautiful voice but a stellar songwriter too.

    This is a superb collection – just a shame it’s CD only. I have now stopped buying CDs completely and am actually getting rid of them. Vinyl is the only format worth listening to or investing in.

    However, can’t wait to see her on the Woman to Woman tour with mesdames Craven and Fordham. I’ve heard bits of the album and it is utterly sublime. Could be a big hit if radio stations and the likes of Chris Evans/ Graham Norton got behind it.

    For those who are unfamiliar, this boxset is definitely not an option, but I would strongly recommend that any serious music fan has ‘Welcome to the Cruise’, ‘Shoot the Moon’ and ‘Queen Secret Keeper’ in their collection as a minimum. In 1978 it was Kate Bush getting all the attention and unfortunately Tzuke was relegated to the sidelines, but her debut album is a classic and a real achievement for a very young female singer songwriter.

    Viva Judie!!!!

    BTW Paul, any news on the forthcoming Marianne Faithfull LP?

  14. Golden Age Of Tory Bollocks, Brexit Deal My Arse! says:

    Six months ago I`d have been right in for this, because it`s a bargain innit and she really is talented. However these things have to pass the 3 Quetions Test, all 3 have to be YES;

    1) Will I play all the Albums?

    2) Will I play them more than once?

    3) Do I really need/want this?

    The answers, 1) NO, 2) NO, 3) NO.

    That is why I am now selling several CDs/LPs/Box Sets.

    • SimonH says:

      I’m starting to ask the same questions before buying sets like this!

    • RJS says:

      Yeah, box set fatigue! I never have bought that many compared to some people here but I’m cutting right back. There are only so many hours in a day and so much storage space. I cancelled orders for the Barry White box set and Bob Dylan’s More Blood (but I am getting the digital copy of that).

  15. Gareth Jones says:

    24 CDs?? Embarrassed to say I still only know her one hit!

  16. Steve F says:

    IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER! This is a dream come true Paul! Can’t wait for this to be released!

  17. Gisabun says:

    Definitely a mostly British artist. Never heard of her on the other side of the pond.

  18. Aaron says:

    She also has a new album coming out in November “Woman to woman” with Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham.

    Sportscar is an awesome album by the way!!

  19. Thomas Beattie says:

    Take note of the price Paul McCartney.
    Superb Value for the Judie Tzuke fan.

    • Phil Morris says:

      Not if you already have everything. Even the bonus disc doesn’t include anything rare. (Although I’m quite pleased as it addresses any “quandary” over buying it.)

  20. Philip Birtwistle says:

    A shame the BBC In Concert disc ain’t in there, that was pretty fab, but otherwise a great collection at a superb price!!

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