Led Zeppelin / Celebration Day

Led Zeppelin / Celebration DayPossibly the worst kept secret in rock, Led Zeppelin are to officially release their 2007 one-off performance at London’s O2 Arena in high definition and with surround sound. Initially, only as a theatrical release at cinemas across the globe, but surely a Blu-ray release (maybe with CD) will follow shortly after. Here’s the trailer below to get you in the mood:

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  1. Paul Kent says:

    I’ve been waiting patiently for this for the last five years. Given the footage that was shown on TV at the time of the gig, it was obvious that it was a professional job and that it was bound for release somewhere down the road. I simply cannot wait now. Top of my Christmas list, methinks! :)

  2. Galley says:

    Love the artwork!

  3. Audio/Video is due out in mid-November. It’s too much of a money grab for it NOT to be released officially.

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