Limited Frankie silver vinyl selling fast


If you wish to secure one of the limited silver vinyl editions of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood Liverpool LP reissue, you need to act fast!

There was some confusion at first about whether these were black or silver, but it seems that the first 1000 are silver and after that they’re all black. It should be assumed that the Amazon UK listing referenced on SDE last week is the black version, but JPC in Germany did have some Silver ones available, but they are now all gone.

However if you get on with it, Amazon Germany do have some of the silver versions of Liverpool, and the picture and title confirm this. Even better, it’s about £18 not the £25 being asked in the UK. Hard to say how much stock they have.

Liverpool with be reissued on vinyl on 20 May 2016.



Liverpool Silver Edition Vinyl LP

STILL AVAILABLE > Amazon GERMANY Pre-order: Liverpool vinyl LP

SOLD OUT > Pre-order: Liverpool SILVER vinyl reissue

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Liverpool 30th anniversary vinyl reissue

Black Vinyl LP


  1. “Warriors of the Wasteland” – 4:58
  2. “Rage Hard” – 5:03
  3. “Kill the Pain” – 6:16
  4. “Maximum Joy” – 5:32
  5. “Watching the Wildlife” – 4:18
  6. “Lunar Bay” – 5:42
  7. “For Heaven’s Sake” – 4:29
  8. “Is Anybody Out There?” – 7:25

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27 responses to Limited Frankie silver vinyl selling fast

  1. Le Baron says:

    Just ordered !
    Thanks Paul !! :)

  2. elliott buckingham says:

    ordered not sure how german amazon can sell cheaper than uk amazon

    • Thierry06 says:

      Often, Amazon italia and Germany are among the cheapest Amazon stores (even with the delivery prices when you’re not from those countries). But it depends on the vinyl you want, you have to check both (among all other stores).

    • Hiram says:

      Don’t really order from Amazon UK anymore, Amazon de is much cheaper all round and I feel the items are better packed.

  3. Denis Woods says:

    I find if you order early through your local independant record store, I have always got the limited colour editions from Music On Vinyl.

  4. Donal O'Connell says:

    Brilliant stuff as always Paul. Ordered double fast.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Alan Wilson says:

    £16.99 plus shipping and What Records (advertised as a silver version)

  6. Andyboy says:

    ‘ordered, thanks Paul

  7. Callage says:

    Boom! Done.
    Thanks SDE

  8. elliott buckingham says:

    still available at for £16.99 + postage works about the same as amazon de

  9. Motte says:

    @Elliott: I guess the low price at forced to keep up with them.

  10. James Pigg says:

    Cheers Paul. Just ordered one. Didn’t want to miss out on the limited silver vinyl.

  11. Simon F says:

    Silver or black it’s still a rubbish album.

    • Straker says:

      A good EPs worth of material stretched out to make a disappointing album.

      Silver (grey really..) vinyl really enough to justify even £18? Maybe if they’d numbered them?

    • Fred Holmes says:

      That’s not true. Rage Hard and Warriors are 2 of their best releases. There’s also some nice moments on the album.

  12. Rob Iles says:

    Ordered, thank you very much for researching where still has this in stock.

  13. Justin (uk) says:

    Thanks paul- ordered- it will go nicely with my rage hard purple vinyl (o:

  14. Derek T. says:

    Thanks! Would probably have missed out on the silver vinyl otherwise. Always liked the album. It certainly works as an album a lot better than WTTP does.

  15. Trev says:

    Thank Paul just ordered. Have to agree Amazon.De Very Easy & Smooth Transaction.

  16. HiDefBear says:

    The New on Vinyl website also seems to be carrying it:

  17. Jay Kranz says:

    thanks probably should have skipped as I have a decent original press and the element cd (sadly the second press of that) but I am a sucker for limited colored doo dads.

  18. Fred Holmes says:

    Element 15 is a nice album to own

  19. Mikael says:

    Oh phew, two days later and still available at €23.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  20. Derek T. says:

    Silver vinyl now available for pre-order at UK-based for about the same price as Postage may be cheaper than for UK buyers.

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