Lisa Stansfield / The Collection 1989-2003 box set & reissues


Edsel are reissuing all the Arista albums of British singer-songwriter Lisa Stansfield this October.

Each of the five albums, Affection (1989), Real Love (1991), So Natural (1993), Lisa Stansfield (1997) and Face Up (2001), will be issued individually as 2CD+DVD casebound book deluxe editions which will feature the remastered album, rare tracks, remixes plus videos, live footage, specially recorded interview with Lisa. The booklet for each release will boast 28-pages of photos, memorabilia, lyrics and brand new sleeve notes.

Accompanying the album reissues will be a brand new remix compilation. People Hold On… The Remix Anthology is a three-CD set that will contain over thirty rare and previously unheard full-length mixes.

All 18 discs that make up these six releases (13CDs and 5DVDs) are brought together for a special The Collection 1989-2003 box set that is available via both the Official Lisa Stansfield Online Store as well as Amazon UK (a purchasing option if you’re in the US).

The official store offers an attractive incentive, since you get a free signed bonus 12-inch single called Classic Lisa that contains the Frankie Knuckles Mix of Change together with the late DJ’s previously unreleased Classic Club Mix of Never, Never Gonna Give You Up.

No track listings as yet, but we’ve been promised them very soon. Each individual title is currently under £15, emphasising how off the mark the Kylie Minogue sets are in terms of pricing. The Lisa Stansfield box set and the individual releases will be released on 20 October 2014.

Lisa Stansfield / The Collection 1989 - 2003 box set

People Hold On… The Remix Anthology




Real Love


So Natural


Lisa Stansfield


Face Up

35 responses to Lisa Stansfield / The Collection 1989-2003 box set & reissues

  1. Daniel says:

    I just got this from Head for £20, what a bargain! Sealed and everything!

  2. AnonyMousE says:

    Still no tracklists :(

  3. jamesgiraffe says:

    I’m amazed that the tracklists still haven’t been announced. It’s being released in just over a month. Surely they must know by now what songs will be on it?

  4. Wax Monster says:

    Yet again it looks like I need to make a friend in the UK or Ireland who will ship this to me here in the poor old U.S. Guess they think there are no music or Lisa Stansfield fans here. This is getting quite tedious as I keep missing out on great items that are UK only!

    • chadSF says:

      I agree with you a hundred and 1 percent. We sure miss out on a ton of great UK-only collections or we pay more just to have them!

  5. Jopla2 says:

    As far as I can tell, the remastering on the 2003 issues was a hoax. There’s no improvement in sound (except in volume), yet it says “Remastered” on the stickers on the sleeves… Quite revealing is that there are no actual remastering credits inside – at least on the first three albums.

    What is the reputation of Edsel concerning remastering?

    • Kiefer2 says:

      If they are anything like Edsel’s remasterings of the Bananarama discs there are absolutley no worries. They are the way remasters should be done!

  6. Stephen says:

    Fantastic. Love, love, love. It’s possible there could be the stray remix omission here and there, and such will drive me crazy, but there is certainly opportunity with this undefined set to include everything that came out in the UK from the early years.

    This is how you (hypothetically) do it! To be confirmed.

  7. Kiefer2 says:

    Plus a good 10 to 15 pounds more on Amazon! WHY!!!

    • Gary C says:

      There are links for US and EU so you can order it Kiefer2

      • Kiefer2 says:

        Where are the US links? When I go to MYplay from their website they don’t even list Lisa as an artist, and when I hit the link above it only lists the UK and Ireland for ordering/shipping.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Amazon UK will deliver to US so that’s your best option.

        • Gary C says:

          Hit the link then click on the shipping tab at the top of the page and scroll down, all the info is there as far as I can see…

          • Kiefer2 says:

            Unless my computer doesn’t want me to have this when I hit on the shipping link for United States it states :
            Select your country from the list below. Not available in other countries.
            United Kingdom

  8. Kiefer2 says:

    No ordering to America from her website, hence no bonus vinyl. What a crock-any wonder people download?

  9. adam carrington says:

    the Blue Zone released by Arista not RCA project is not a fan of so that wont be happening, she wont sign off on that one. Im pretty sure these are the same tracklisting from the previous reissue set.

    As far as The Moment that ZTT

    • Jim says:

      Each album was only 1 CD last time, so there will be more remixes (and maybe even more songs) this time around with 2 CDs per album — plus even more remixes with the 3 CD remix anthology.

  10. Jim says:

    Even without tracklistings, these reissues look great and are priced appropriately at 13.99. PWL/Cherry Red have some nerve charging 18.99 for each of the upcoming Kylie reissues.

    • Jim says:

      Oops, meant to say 14.99 each (only the remix anthology is 13.99). After the tracklists are revealed, I might be seriously tempted to buy the box set.

  11. fred says:

    Can’t wait fot the tracklist

  12. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Lisa’s ZTT album will be re-issued as Element 33 by Salvo.

    • Kiki says:

      that’s a good news also ! Blue Zone was an RCA act so we can hope that it will follow… ;-) The only other missing piece from Lisa is her very first recordings (Cd released in 1996 as “In session” where only one single is missing the cover of “I got a feeling”)…

  13. James Blair says:

    Wow! Even without track-listings, you have to say that this is how to deluxe-up a back catalogue! Putting the (already lovely) casebound book packages into an outer box and offering it all at a really reasonable price is a great way to get even fair-weather fans to part with their dough. I probably wouldn’t have gone for all of the albums individually, but this is too tempting an all-encompassing deal to miss!
    High praise to all concerned!

    • Kiki says:

      I think it’s gonna be exactly the same packaging as Deacon Blue, Bananrama and Belinda Carlisle. It’s a good choice for me !

  14. Don says:

    How does Edsel keep doing this? They consistently release deluxe editions that are more comprehensive, better packaged, and much cheaper than just about anyone else. And the sets are obviously selling. Why can’t other labels take this same approach? I wish I liked Lisa Stansfield more because these sets look fantastic.

  15. Kiki says:

    well it’s a shame that we can’t order through Lisa’s Website out of UK/Ireland… No doubt that the limited 12″ will soon get a very high price on the web..

  16. Kiki says:

    Amazing ! I bought the first Arista Box some years ago and I felt slightly disappointed as there was lots of stuff missing … I thinsk this time it will be great !
    Speaking of that , what about the same thing for “Blue Zone” ??!!!

  17. Fred Smith says:

    Love all these albums but will wait for the track details,because i own all the cd singles as well.

  18. Steve Hak says:

    Can’t wait to see the track listings first but I’m tempted to buy the box.

  19. Keith Lambert says:

    Looks great although the link to pre-order at Lisa’s on-line store appears to be down (both from SDE and her page).

  20. Jon J says:

    Very nice-lo0king set. There are loads of Lisa remixes out there, particularly for tracks from the first two albums, many of which have never appeared on CD before or only on obscure promos, so hopefully the expanded editions and the extra Remix Anthology will do a good job of featuring all of these. It’s like a bigger and better version of the Complete Collection they issued back in 2003.

    I’m tempted by the box set although will probably wait until I see the tracklistings to decide whether to get them all or just cherry-pick the stronger albums (Affection, Real Love and Lisa Stansfield).

    Some fans are already complaining that the Blue Zone album and The Moment aren’t included in this – personally I’d just be grateful they’ve gone to the lengths they have on Lisa’s main Arista back catalogue!

  21. Gary C says:

    £65 on the Lisa site for 18 discs, 5 of them DVDs, plus a signed piece of vinyl! That’s a helluva deal, and if i was a bigger fan I might go for that.
    Again, a small degree of envy that an artist can be lavished with such a complete box set at such a great price. Well done all concerned.

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