Lisa Stansfield / The Moment expanded reissue


The Moment reissued with unreleased bonus tracks

Lisa Stansfield‘s one and only album for ZTT Records, 2004’s The Moment, will be reissued by Salvo Music next month.

The Trevor Horn produced album has been expanded adding five bonus tracks (three previously unreleased) including alternate takes of the title track and the Prefab Sprout cover When Love Breaks Down.

The Moment is re-released on 6 April 2015.

Track listing

1. Easier
2. Treat Me Like A Woman
3. When Love Breaks Down
4. Say It To Me Now
5. He Touches Me
6. Lay Your Hands On Me
7. The Moment
8. If I Hadn t Got You
9. Take My Heart
10. Love Without A Name
11. Takes A Woman To Know
12. If I Hadn t Got You (Radio Edit)
13. Don’t Explain (Live at Ronnie Scott’s)
14. When Love Breaks Down (Alternate Version)
15. The Moment (Alternate Version)
16. Say It To Me Now (Instrumental)

9 responses to Lisa Stansfield / The Moment expanded reissue

  1. Shane says:

    All of you guys need to email Salvo. Fans picketing the label managed to changed track listings of the Donna Summer reissue for one, I think others too. Let your voices be heard.

  2. mino says:

    A real delusion! I hope they change the tracklist and the format into a double cd with remixes and real unreleased/bonus tracks. I definitely won’t buy it!

  3. claudio says:

    …is there any chance of changing the official tracklisting?

  4. Aevion says:

    This is indeed rather disappointing, especially coming after the extensive and lavish Edsel reissues. Wish they’d got their hands on this one too.

  5. Kiki says:

    That’s clear !
    Should have been added :

    From “Easier/ Treat Me Like A Woman” single :
    – Big Thing (Redux)

    Remixes from « If I Hadn’t Got You » single :
    – Markus Gardeweg Remix (was on the “Gold edition” !)
    – Digitalism Remix
    – Need For Music Remix (12” only)
    – Digitalism Dub (was on the “Gold edition” !)
    – Digitalism Dubstrumental

    From “He Touches Me”
    – He Touches Me (Radio Edit)
    – The Moment (Radio Edit)

    Don’t know about the album sampler but 2 timings seems different from the album versions : The Moment (4’43” instead of 4’50” from the Lp) & When Love Break Down (4’33” instead of 4’18”). The 3 other tracks are : “Easier”, “Treat Me Like A Woman” & “Say It To Me Now” with the same duration as the album tracks….

  6. claudio says:

    …but… where are ALL the remixes and b-sides…??? and who needs a live track that is already on the live dvd???

  7. Marty says:

    This is a disappointment. There are remixes, edits and b-sides enough that this could have easily been 2 cds – not to mention the pre-release promo EP that goes for $$$$$ on eBay that features half-a-dozen or so of these songs in entirely alternate versions. Sloppy!

  8. Kiki says:

    well, that’s disappointing… there should have been a Cd with the whole mixes/ edits that can be found on the singles…

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