London Records to replace defective Blancmange ‘Blanc Tapes’ vinyl LPs

After less than positive feedback from some fans, London Records have acknowledged that problems have “sporadically affected” their recent Blancmange Blanc Tapes 6LP vinyl package and have promised to replace these for any customers impacted by this.

In a statement, the label explain that despite “a lengthy approval process to produce this release” which produced “fantastic” sounding test pressings the final pressing was affected in part by “vinyl pollution” for some of the production run. They will replace copies free of charge. Full statement details on how to get replacements, below:

London Records statement:

Dear All,

It has been brought to our attention that a percentage of our recently reissued ‘The Blanc Tapes’ vinyl has a manufacturing issue. Band, management and London Records went through a lengthy approval process to produce this release- in fact the test pressings we all approved sounded fantastic but unfortunately, the final pressing was affected, in part, by vinyl pollution. This is an issue with the vinyl material itself which was used for part of the run.

The problem has sporadically affected the three albums. If you have one or more copies in your set which have marks/chemical residue on the vinyl itself or sound issues please email We will replace faulty copies free of charge.

Please include your full name, postal address, proof of purchase (email or copy of receipt) and state which of the faulty albums you have.

Thank you and big apologies to those who have had issues.
London Recordings

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The Blanc Tapes - 6LP vinyl


The Blanc Tapes 6LP vinyl box

LP 1 & 2

Happy Families:

A1. I Can’t Explain
A2. Fell Me
A3. I’ve Seen The Word
A4. Wasted
A5. Living On The Ceiling

B1. Waves
B2. Kind
B3. Sad Day
B4. Cruel
B5. God’s Kitchen

C1. Sad Day (Original Version)
C2. Holland (Demo)
C3. Melodic Piece (Demo)
C4. I Can’t Explain (Demo)
C5. I’ve Seen The Word (Demo)
C6. Black Bell (Demo)
C7. Business Steps

D1. Waves (Original Version – No Strings)
D2. Living On The Ceiling (Extended)
D3. God’s Kitchen (12” Mix)
D4. Feel Me (Extended 12” Version)

LP 3 & 4

Mange Tout:

A1. Don’t Tell Me
A2. Game Above My Head
A3. Blind Vision
A4. Time Became The Tide
A5. That’s Love, That It Is
A6. Murder

B1. See The Train
B2. All Things Are Nice
B3. My Baby
B4. The Day Before You Came

C1. Vishnu (Short Version)
C2. Game Above My Head (Extended)
C3. On Our Way To
C4. Don’t Tell Me (Extended)

D1. The Day Before You Came (Extended)
D2. That’s Love, That It Is (Extended)
D3. Blind Vision (Long Version)

LP 5 & 6 

Believe You Me

A1. Lose Your Love
A2. What’s Your Problem
A3. Paradise Is
A4. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone?
A5. 22339

B1. Don’t You Love It All
B2. Believe
B3. Lorraine’s My Nurse
B4. Other Animals
B5. No Wonder They Never Made It Back!
B6. John

C1. Lose Your Love (Extended)
C2. M Diver (Alternate Dream) (Demo)
C3. River Of Life (Demo)
C4. Scream Down The House

D1. Side Two
D2. What’s Your Problem? (Extended)
D3. I Can See It (Extended)


24 responses to London Records to replace defective Blancmange ‘Blanc Tapes’ vinyl LPs

  1. torchomatic says:

    Anybody received their replacements yet? London were “aiming to despatch your replacement copies by the end of the month (June)” but not heard from them since.

  2. Mike Belshaw says:

    Bugger I got mine delivered to my Dad in the UK not over to pick up until Nov/Dec:
    Do we know how long we have to make a claim ( not sure if my Dad at 86 will understand the importance of this!)

    • Heraldo says:

      By the looks of things they aren’t expecting you to return the originals.
      As long as you have the proof of order / delivery which you can send them it should be ok to make your claim without involving your dad.
      Judging by what I have read here, on Amazon and elsewhere everyone seems to have at least one of the albums effected. I had at least one disc from each in my set with visible and/or audible issues.

  3. Colin says:

    The children don’t know what vinyl is Paul! Its all Deezer, youtube and downloads these days!

  4. Bridge says:

    Received my response today (very quick I might ad):

    Thank you for your email
    We are working with the factory to ensure these are repressed as soon as possible.
    Please bear with us as the manufacturing of new vinyl and print for each faulty album will take time.
    We are aiming to dispatch your replacement copies by the end of the month.
    Best Regards
    London Records

  5. John 79 says:

    I bought my set from the Blancmange store (sorry Paul) I wanted the signed artwork as I missed out on the signed CD boxset, anyway every one of the six vinyls has some sort of negative issue,either chemical residue ,dust , scratches or finger prints, I am glad the record company has owned up to this,it should not have happened in the first place but credit to them if they replace them, I have emailed them but as yet no reply,I hope they keep their word……

    • KevinS says:

      John 79 – I emailed them this morning, telling them that 5 out of the 6 LP’s in the box had the residue issue. They emailed me back within an hour saying:

      Thank you for your email
      We are working with the factory to ensure these are repressed as soon as possible.
      Please bear with us as the manufacturing of new vinyl and print for each faulty album will take time. We are aiming to despatch your replacement copies by the end of the month.
      Best Regards
      London Records

      Hopefully you will get your replacements.

      • John 79 says:

        Hi KevinS,
        Thanks for your information,I have now also received the same email response as yourself,so it looks like they are on the ball with this issue,it’s frustrating that this situation has happened but at least they are trying to fix it and not make excuses, hopefully we all should receive our replacements by the end of the month or early July.

    • Chris Squire says:

      Just had the confirmatory email. So the process is certainly moving forward. Good news….

  6. Shane says:

    London Records just love Blondie’s latest album!

  7. Rob S says:

    Great news as was so disappointed and the skips seemed to affect all copies. I’ve one skip so far (still working through all of the LPs) at the very start of Side Two (the song) and even inspecting it with a magnifying glass I could not see any fault…..but it always skips there…. Other owners have reported more skips so I need to listen through all of the records. Other than the skips the pressing I have are pretty good. Shame they deem the flimsy outer slip case of high enough quality…..

    • Rickjapan says:

      This doesn’t affect me because I haven’t bought it and am not a vinyl person anyway, but had problems with the Heaven 17 boxset errors.

      What gets me is that it’s really depressing to “have to” listen to the music, not for pleasure or because you want to, but in order to check that the product is ok. In effect, this is not relaxation, this is a job, and we are doing what the production side are supposed to have done, basically a dereliction of responsibility. I don’t know what can be done to remedy this, but there seems to be a general mood of placing responsibility on the consumer to check for faults, when that should really be done by the producer (although I can see that that would be difficult as regards vinyl). Just another fact of the slightly sad world that we live in, where quality control takes second place to making a fast buck.

  8. Trash says:

    I haven’t played all of mine yet but I will do so asap.
    Hadn’t realised that there were quality issues (although some of my inner sleeves arrived with pre-bent corners…

    I actually received an email direct from the Blancmange store as that is where I had ordered mine from.

  9. andrew R says:

    Vinyl pollution my **** .Poor quality control
    married to overproduction through too few pressing plants.
    Lots of examples that just get sent back and not reported.
    Kudos for them putting their hands up , however ,
    In the rush to monetize vinyl the companies concerned forget it has
    unique problems that don’t affect cd’s or streaming.
    Sorry for the rant but i am forever either cleaning” new”
    Lp’s or sending back defective ones.

  10. torchomatic says:

    Hurrah! I got my copy new from MusicMagie from eBay. I didn’t bother sending it back as I wanted the set and presumed replacement copies would be defective. Thanks for this.

    • BJ says:

      What’s the vinyl packaging from Music Magpie like? As their Cd’s, DVD’s and Books packaging is a bit shabby. Ie: turns up in a plastic bag with no protection.

      • Chris Squires says:

        I’ve ordered a few things from them recently and they have been fine. Not up to SDE standards or What Records for that matter but better than Amazon and some others I have tried.
        Just checked, 5 things in the last two months and no issues at all….

  11. Anthony Squires says:

    Given that statement from London I’ve decided to take the plunge.

    Just over £41 with Amazon for this set currently and you have a guarantee that faulty albums replaced. Seems fair.

  12. Lee Rosevere says:

    I’m calling my next album Vinyl Pollution

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