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Madonna‘s thirteenth studio album Rebel Heart will be released in March and is now available to pre-order.

The record has been blighted by leaks of work-in-progress and demos which resulted in some tracks being made available (officially) earlier than planned to fans who pre-order via iTunes.

At the time of writing there is no word on deluxe formats but the physical versions of Rebel Heart will be available from 9 March onwards.

CD Edition

2LP deluxe vinyl

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  1. memoryboy says:

    A year later and I am reading these comments and writing my opinion, I am not sure if it’s ok to write a comment a year or more after the post/thread first was put up and started. ‘Rebel Heart’ turned out to be one of Madonna’s best albums ever. Seriously mostly excellent from beginning to end. I wasn’t too into the first single ‘Living For Love’, her falling off the stage didn’t help. But ‘Ghosttown’ turned out to be a hit in my book and ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ was a fun video and song. I really wish ‘Devil Pray’ had been a released single and also ‘Joan Of Arc’. Actually add to that list ‘Iconic’. I really don’t understand how they could stop at just the three singles that were released. I felt this album was full of potential singles/hits. One complain: I heard the demo for the song ‘Rebel Heart’ and thought it was amazing, but the finished album version was not as good in my opinion, they took out some key synths and melodies/harmonies making it not as exciting. I felt it had hit potential. I enjoyed all the TV appearances Madonna did to promote this album, especially her appearance on Ellen. When I read some of the acidic comments on here I can’t help but feel that some of the adult writing here on this post sound a lot like the teenagers writing nasty comments on YouTube. “Madonna is a granny who needs to calm down” and “Grown up Madonna and act your age”. LOL, and as funny as some of it is, it’s not funny. It’s sexist and ageist and I am proud of Madonna for pushing yet more boundaries in regards to age and the question: why can’t older woman have fun and put out fresh music and not be judged? Madonna is who she is, she has always dressed like that, acted like that, released music like that. Expecting her to change is silly… and sad. I also like the album ‘MDNA’ from a few years back and thought ‘Girl Gone Wild’ was a fun track, and I also liked ‘Give Me All Your Lovin’ and I thought ‘Love Spent’ had potential to be a single, sad it wasn’t. Before that ‘Hard Candy’ was a bit of a disappointment, but there were a few awesome tracks off that album. I am enjoying this journey Madonna is on and gladly follow along. Been a fan since the very beginning (1983)

  2. James Blair says:

    Am I the only person who thinks there is no place on this site for comments like Lisa’s last one? I find it a little insulting. This is a site for the promotion & appreciation of, or healthy discussion about, new physical product, not for generalising about an artist’s fan base in derogatory ways.
    For the record, I am not a fan of Madonna’s recent output but I am intrigued by what this album will present.
    My best friend is a huge fan, though. And she is not sad, old, gay or a man.

  3. Lisa says:

    Sad older gay men make her richer by buying her garbage and praise her when she constantly disappoints with junk masked as music

  4. Lisa says:

    If Madonna thinks teenagers are going to buy her music she’s delusional and she should stick to her fan base and make music for them. Her ego has always got in the way of her art and the last three albums showed that. True artist don’t care about money or staying relevant they create good work that is timeless they don’t create just for the time

  5. Lisa says:

    I heard the final version for beautiful scars and it’s awful. The demo version was fantastic but she ruined the final version it lacks the energy of the demo. Never let you go and tragic girl were also two of the best songs she left out for garbage like illuminati and sex which sound auto tuned and horrible. The rebel heart demo was also great but she ruined that too the final version sucks. Ill be skipping this madonna album

  6. Ditaboiii says:

    The deluxe versions amazing.
    All 25 songs are completely brilliant in its own way. It’s young, fun, provocative, playful, sad, moving and hopeful. You may not like all the songs but I LOVE the risk Sd took with some songs, lyrics and melodies. That’s why she’s Madonna.
    Rebel Heart is a cross between –
    Like a Prayer, American Life, Bedtime Stories and the current feeling of MDNA but years better.
    Listening to all 25 final versions is like a journey that actually brought tears and joy. Super fun yet has substance.
    The songs on the final deluxe version are:
    living for love
    devil prey
    ghost town
    unapologetic bitch
    bitch im madonna
    hold tight
    joan of arc
    heartbreak city
    body shop
    holy water
    inside out
    wash over me
    best night
    veni bidi Vick
    rebel heart
    beautiful scars
    borrowed time
    graffiti heart
    auto tune baby
    I’m addicted

  7. Olivier V. says:

    super deluxe edition 25 tracks…

    20.borrowed time
    21.graffiti heart
    22.addicted (the one that got away)
    24.back that up (do it)
    25.beautiful scars

    damage forgot titles
    “never let you go”
    “two steps behind me”
    “god is love”
    “nothing lasts forever”

    • Matt says:

      @Olivier…I sure hope you are correct! Although I do absolutely love “two steps behind” and “never let you go”….. But your list would make me very happy

  8. Henry says:

    Really looking forward to this album – the six songs that have already been released are excellent! There will be a double vinyl version of the album and I believe there will be three different CD releases – standard, clean and deluxe.

    Oh, and comments like “stop acting like you are your kids age” say a lot more about the person that leaves these comments than they do about Madonna!

    • Neill says:

      Henry – People are entitled to make opinions whether you agree with them or not. I personally think Madonna does need to act her age and release something that is more relevant to her age rather than trying to appeal to the younger generation too much. Madonna used to set the trends with her own music but now she just appears to be jumping on the band wagon. Her current style of music doesn’t make best use of her voice. I can’t believe this is the same artist who released the incredible ray of light and confessions albums.

  9. Olivier V. says:

    Greatest hits deluxe edition

    03.i Want You
    04.sooner or Later
    06.pray for Spanish eyes
    07.mother And Father
    08.nobody Knows me
    09.impressive instant
    10.physical attraction
    11.where’s The party i’m following You (part 1) i’m following You (part 2)
    14.buenos aires
    15.little star

  10. Olivier V. says:

    Why not a new greatest hits 2015 by ancient major Warner bros To accompany a new album Rebel Heart by interscope records…
    Greatest hits collection in 4 Cds…

    Cd1 a Virgin
    02.give It 2 me
    03.papa don’t Preach
    04.nothing Fails
    05.hung Up Yourself Isla Bonita
    08.ray Of Light
    11.get Together Your Heart
    15.who’s That girl profusion

    01.Oh Father
    02.into The Groove
    03.crazy for You
    04.4 minutes
    07.american Life
    08.american pie
    09.Like a Prayer
    11.material girl
    12.hanky Panky
    13.die Another Day
    14.what It Feels Like for a girl
    16.true Blue
    17.dress You Up Must Love me

    01.nothing Really Matters
    03.take a Bow’ll See
    05.lucky Star
    06.causing a commotion
    08.keep It Together
    09.burning Up don’t live Here Anymore
    12.don’t tell me
    14.beautiful Stranger
    15.miles away
    16.revolver To tell
    18.another Suitcase in Another hall

    01.justify My Love
    02.rescue me
    03.the Look Of Love
    04.bad girl
    06.this Used To Be My Playground
    07.i’ll Remember
    08.don’t Cry for me Argentina
    09.drowned World/Substitute for Love
    10.human nature
    11.deeper And Deeper
    12.bedtime Story
    13.dear Jessie More chance
    15.the Power Of good-bye

  11. Neill says:

    I haven’t liked many of the new tracks so far and didn’t really enjoy MDNA or Hard Candy. What’s happened to Madonna? Its like she has lost the plot. I can’t believe its the same woman who released the epic ray of lay album, confessions and like a prayer.

  12. Fred Smith says:

    I thought she should have gone down the ‘Masterpiece’ route;proprer songs not candyfloss dance tracks…time to listen to ‘like A Prayer’.Also can we have a phsical release for the new single,because i collect them and detest cdrs?

  13. Andy Walked says:

    I wonder why she’s named the album after Gene Vincent’s series of rarities CDs?

  14. Shaun Mc says:

    16 comments and I see that we have a few ‘bitchs’ commenting who probably have nothing better to do with their time. Comment on the music and the wrinkles comments have nothing to do with the music we are either looking forward to or not. Judging by the 6 songs realeased before Christmas this is going to be a great album.

    • bob says:

      Yes, especially looking forward to the track ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’. This is now clearly a women without a single friend who is not on her payroll who can give some honest advice. How can someone who got it so right for so long now get it so wrong?
      Over the past couple of albums Madonna has alienated much of her fan base by trying to get hip and trendy with the kids. The trouble is said kids view her as a granny at the disco type of laughing stock.

      As a fan since ‘Borderline’ up until ‘Confessions’ I will give Madonna some advice for free. Put your bare breasts away as we have seen far to much of them over 30 plus years, dump those stupid teeth grilles, leave the young urban hipsters alone and get back into the studio with someone like Pat Leonard and give us another masterpiece album that I am sure you are still capable of producing.
      In short, grow up woman and stop acting as if you are your children’s age. You are fast becoming a laughing stock with your desperate attempts to stay current.
      Sorry but somebody had to say it. If Madonna had carried on making great adult albums then her audience would have grown with her, a bit like (not musically) Barbara Streisand.

    • SimonP says:

      I’d love to comment on the music, but the album doesn’t come out for another 2 months. I did hear one track on the radio, though. It was shite.

  15. Paul H says:

    Only 16 comments on SDE in 28 hours could suggest we have all moved on…

  16. bob says:

    Seriously, I hope this album sees Madonna doing what she does best, making fantastic adult pop music with a bit of an edge. Her last two album were she was getting on down with the kids on the dance floor I found embarrassing with no really good songs.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I agree, although the fact that she has collaborated with Nicki Minaj for a track on this record and it is called ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ suggests that we ain’t going to get many “Oh Fathers”, “Frozens” or “Take a Bows”…

      • Lee Anderson says:

        There are quite a few fantastic ballads within this album – the production, even as W.I.P. is very polished. She has her ‘original’ voice back and I like the fact she has some Frozen, Take A Bow tracks that show her vulnerable side. Can’t wait for this album.

  17. DLG says:

    “I wonder what her secret is?”

    Gobs and gobs of plastic surgery. She does look a lot better than your average Hollywood plastic vixen, though. I suspect she researches surgeons extensively, and only uses the very best. Based on her persona, I’d speculate she also has direct involvement plus total control in the procedures. Not unlike her various romances!

    • bob says:

      Well I am completely shocked by that! Madonna always appears to look so natural looking and hardly wears any make up. She also has extremely youthful looking hands. I suspect that’s because she protects them by wearing fingerless gloves much of the time.

  18. bob says:

    I like the cover as well. Hard Candy was her worst cover by a mile. Madonna looks great in this image, her cheeks are as plump and youthful looking as they were on her first album, she has hardly aged at all in 30 years. I wonder what her secret is?

  19. Eric says:

    I think she’s got her wires crossed.

  20. D B says:

    Hope there’s a deluxe!! From what I’ve heard this is going to be a fantastic album.

  21. Rob says:

    I much prefer the earlier Madonna material. Although I applaud her for ‘moving with the times’ it does not mean I have to love everything she does.

    I hate paying for stuff on itunes as I prefer physical media however I did shell out for the tracks that are available now … Having listened to those (and bits n bobs of the leaked tracks) I am quite looking forward to this album …. as above though, waiting to hear of a deluxe.

  22. SimonP says:

    Madge should be applauded for not resorting to any photoshop trickery going on with that cover and embracing her wrinkles.

    NB *there may be some sarcasm contained in the above statement*

  23. mike says:

    Hope its a better album than MDNA!

  24. mino says:

    I hope this is not the final cover…

  25. Orig80'saddict says:

    I’m wondering what necessitated her charging $19.98 for the US version? After her last CD, I’m definitely going to have to listen to the full one on YouTube before I buy this one.

  26. Olivier says:

    hello, it is rumoured that there will be a Deluxe edition but only for Europe ( there are 2 references for this cd) so wait and see!

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