Madonna / “Something To Remember” vinyl reissue


Madonna‘s 1995 compilation album Something To Remember is being reissued on 2LP 180g vinyl by Warner Music on 9 September 2013.

The album – made up of mostly ballads – is a mixture of previously released material (I’ll Remember, Take A Bow, Crazy For You, Live To Tell) and a few new recordings, including the Massive Attack-produced I Want You, One More Chance and the rather fine single You’ll See, which reached the top ten almost everywhere.

Warner Music had previously reissued many of Madonna’s albums on vinyl back in early 2012, and although Something to Remember might not be regarded as an essential purchase, at the current price of £11.99 on Amazon, this is at least pretty good value.

Track listing:

Disc: 1

  • 1. I Want You
  • 2. I’ll Remember (Theme From The Motion Picture “With Honors”)
  • 3. Take A Bow
  • 4. You’ll See
  • 5. Crazy For You
  • 6. This Used To Be My Playground
  • 7. Live To Tell

Disc: 2

  • 1. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Remix Version)
  • 2. Something To Remember
  • 3. Forbidden Love
  • 4. One More Chance
  • 5. Rain
  • 6. Oh Father (Alternate Album Version)
  • 7. I Want You (Orchestral Album Version)

14 responses to Madonna / “Something To Remember” vinyl reissue

  1. Donald says:

    Sound quality is not much improved over the 95 vinyl. Still hearing crackles and pops on playback.

  2. Jason says:

    “Oh Father”, on “Like A Prayer”, is segued into from “Dear Jessie” – barely noticeable, but true. The “alternative album version” is the original 1989 US Video Mix, which was then included on this LP, and then issued as a single in the UK in late 95.

  3. Matt says:

    All of Madonna’s albums between 83-95 have been reissued but not Bedtime Stories!!! WHY???? :(

  4. carlos martin quesada says:

    warner cannot publish anything without madonna’s input. they can just re-edit the original records in their original release forms. i think it’s clever to release something to remember cos it was a limited release in vinyl back in 1995. so i’ll buy it for sure.

    • Kiki says:

      well i’m not so sure about that, cause in my memory, she was not involved in the first remaster series…

      Anyway, it will be a real challenge to do a proper deluxe af each of her warner album that will satisfy everyone, and limiting it in the same time as a 2 Cds only. It will be probably possible for the “1st album”, “Like a Virgin”, “True Blue” and “Like A Prayer”… the ones after will leads to several rehearsals and a load of remixes…

  5. Patrick says:

    I was curious if anyone knows whether this is truly a 2-LP set? The original was a single disc — though I can’t believe they crammed 71 minutes of music on a single LP! Either way, I’ll get a copy, but it would be nice if Madonna’s catalogue was upgraded and not just thrown back out there!

    • Kiki says:

      Obviously !
      It’s a shame, but it seems nowadays that Warner is NOT interested in that kind of release… They proposed some poor “extended” versions of her first 3 albums, and I don’t think we’ll ever get some full 2 CDs set of each of the sire/Maverick albums era…

  6. Henry says:

    Have the original, extremely rare LP from 1995 – still pre-ordered this as well! But I don’t think it is a double LP – all the sites list this is a 1 disc release, like the original.

    • Kiki says:

      This album was firstly released as a one LP compilation, with 7 tracks on each side… the setlist is exactly the same, apart from the fact that “Oh father” is not mentionned as an alternative version… but, is it really ?

  7. Denis says:

    I will buy it at the Amazon price.I liked her version of I want you.And I would like to have the 80s ballads on vinyl.

  8. Soren says:

    Are there any buyers for this release?

  9. Don says:

    What’s up with the “alternate album version” of “Oh Father”? I thought it was the same as the version from Like a Prayer.

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