Michael Jackson: First Pepsi exclusive Bad remix emerges

Bad 25 logoMichael Jackson‘s single Bad – has been remixed by different DJs/artists as part of Pepsi’s sponsorship deal to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the album.

The ‘AfroJack Remix’ – is the first to emerge, although it is not clear at this stage whether this is one of the new remixes on the forthcoming reissue, or whether it is only available to download via one of the promotional Pepsi cans. Either way, you can hear the new remix below.

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3 responses to Michael Jackson: First Pepsi exclusive Bad remix emerges

  1. Ron says:

    I always say ‘no’ to remixes. I just dont like most (say 98%) of them. Only a good set of remixes from the 80’s (the long forgotten Extended Version) are OK, but…..

  2. AlanDistro says:

    It’d be so much fun if they’d release the original stems and let fans remix the track. Maybe even a competition to have the best remix included on the deluxe reissue.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, that would be a good idea. The Estate probably feel that would be giving away too much, or cheapening the music etc.

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