Micky Dolenz / The MGM Singles Collection on limited blue vinyl

7A Records will next month issue The MGM Singles Collection, a limited edition 180g blue vinyl record that collects Micky Dolenz‘s original MGM solo singles.

This new release comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve and includes a 12-page booklet with unseen photos, new liner notes and an interview with Dolenz.

The music has been sourced from the original master tapes, except for two tracks where the original masters could no longer be located.

The MGM Singles Collection will be released on 13 July 2015.

Track listing

1. Easy On You
2. Oh Someone
3. Unattended In The Dungeon
4. A Lover’s Prayer
5. Johnny B. Goode (as Starship, Lead Vocal: Michael Lloyd)
6. It’s Amazing To Me (as Starship)
7. Daybreak
8. Love War
9. Buddy Holly Tribute: Peggy Sue / Every Day / Maybe Baby / That’ll Be The Day
10. Ooh She’s Young

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2 responses to Micky Dolenz / The MGM Singles Collection on limited blue vinyl

  1. lee says:

    Micky Dolenz had a solo career? far out man, i had no idea!

  2. Wayne Klein says:

    A pity this isn’t on CD as I’d snatch it up.

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