Mogwai / New album: “Rave Tapes” / limited box set edition

rave tapes

Scottish band Mogwai will issue a new album, Rave Tapes, on 20 January 2014.

The 10-track release is being issued in the UK/EU on Mogwai’s own Rock Action Records and via other labels various global territories, including Sub Pop in the US.

A special limited edition box set will be available, which will feature the album on vinyl, an exclusive twelve-inch record, a seven-inch single, a CD of Rave Tapes, a large format (12″ x 12″) book of studio photography by photographer Steve Gullick (shot during the recording sessions), and three similarly sized art prints. All vinyl is 180g and their will be a download code for audio content.

Rave Tapes was recorded in Glasgow during 2013 and was produced by Paul Savage. More details on this set when we have them. The standard track listing is below.

The Rave Tapes / Track listing

  • 1. Heard About You Last night
  • 2. Simon Ferocious
  • 3. Remurdered
  • 4. Hexon Bogon
  • 5. Repelish
  • 6. Master Card
  • 7. Deesh
  • 8. Blues Hour
  • 9. No Medicine For Regret
  • 10. The Lord Is Out Of Control

3 responses to Mogwai / New album: “Rave Tapes” / limited box set edition

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  2. Gary says:

    Horses for courses I guess since I love ’em and think they’re at their best live. I think the price for this is a bit steep for me though, I’d rather just pick up the normal album instead.

  3. Killian Scott says:

    You want to see hipsters on stage? Go to a Mogwai gig. I saw them on the Young Team tour and was totally put-off by their snide and condescending ways.

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