New Kate Bush photo book on the way from John Carder Bush

After last year‘s sumptuous reprint of his Cathy book, John Carder Bush is publishing another book of photographs featuring his sister, Kate Bush.

Simply titled Kate, the new volume leaves behind the childhood innocence of the previous book and features images from throughout Kate’s career, including outtakes from classic album shoots, never-before-seen photographs from The Dreaming and Hounds of Love sessions, and rare, candid studio shots and behind-the-scenes stills from video sets, such as Army Dreamers and Running Up that Hill.

Kate Bush fans will be well aware that John was responsible for some stunning photography that adorned many an album and single cover. The Hounds of Love 45 is one that stands out for this writer. John Carder Bush remembers the experience of photographing his sister in My Sister, My Sitter, one of two essays in the book.

Kate will be published by Sphere and is due for release on 15 October 2015.


10 responses to New Kate Bush photo book on the way from John Carder Bush

  1. Svein says:

    The comment about there only being five half decent photos of her from the last four decades is laughable. I guess if you’re not a fan of her, you’re just not a fan. This book is clearly more for those of us who think there may have been tops five photos of her that aren’t at least half decent.

  2. Herr Angela Merkel says:

    I don’t get it. Why are so many people seemingly excited at the prospect of owning a book featuring photos of Kate Bush? There handn’t been more than five photos in which she looked halfway decent within the last four decades anyway. Why would somebody watch photos of her? She wants to remain private, she wants to retain a sense of normality, so why is she giving permission for a seemingly highly appreciated book covering her ‘normal life’? One of the many contradictions of the saint-like figure that is Kate Bush. I for one will not give a damn about this book.

    • alan hansen says:

      i’m not interested in this book because of her fame or notoriety. i’m interested because the photography having been taken with her as the subject matter, over the years has been (at least at times) stunningly beautiful artwork. i’d be just as interested if the photography were of unknown persons.

  3. Si says:

    Just a silly comment … Is it me, or is the right hand Hound smiling … ? Think i would be too! :-)

  4. Shane says: has it at 39 Euros. I think it’s the cheapest at the moment.

  5. trash says:


    Not sure about this one.
    I’m a huge fan of Kate (and of course she is very easy on the eye..ahem).

    But buying a book just full of photos of here seems a bit much.

    Maybe I’ll have a change of mind nearer the release…

  6. Carlton Fisher says:

    Got my pre-order in, though I do hope the price drops a bit between now and then (thank you price guarantee). Though, even at 65 bucks, it’s not that bad a price.

  7. alan hansen says:

    if i were straight, this might be the sexiest book ever pressed! ahem… my gut tells me that pre-ordering this is genius – the price is sure to drop (if only temporarily/briefly) and said order will be automatically locked-in at the lower price with amazon.

  8. claudio says:

    as usual… why not releasing it in Brazil?

  9. claudio says:


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