Nick Drake Pure Audio cancelled


The hi-res Pure Audio Blu-ray Audio of Nick Drake‘s 1969 debut Five Leaves Left, that has been knocking about on various release schedules for months, has been CANCELLED. SDE understands that this is due to mastering issues but no further details were available.



4 responses to Nick Drake Pure Audio cancelled

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  2. Hugh J says:

    That really stinks. Who the hell was this guy? Never heard of him before.

  3. Fatoldbloke says:

    They sure are not trying to keep these on the market for long. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, sadly.

  4. Shame the release of these Blu-ray audios has been so chaotic – poor publicity, lack of source details…

    And I still don’t understand why it’s cheaper to have mine flown over the Atlantic from Canada to France, rather than buy them here. Ridiculous.

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