Nilsson / Flash Harry expanded CD

Harry Nilsson / Flash Harry expanded reissue

This summer is proving to be a great season for fans of Harry Nilsson. Not only has Sony Legacy’s RCA Album Collection 17CD box set just been issued, but Nilsson’s very last studio album, 1980’s Flash Harry, is to be issued on CD for the first time on 13 August 2013.

The record features contributions from ex-Python Eric Idle who actually sings the first track Harry, and has his own Bright Side Of Life performed by Nilsson as the album closer. Nilsson’s co-write with John Lennon, Old Dirt Road, (originally on Lennon’s 1974 album Walls and Bridges) also makes an appearance, while Ringo Starr drums on the album and earns a co-writing contribution himself with How Long Can Disco On.

This new CD release features four bonus tracks, including three previously unreleased tracks and an alternative version of Old Dirt Road.

Flash Harry track listing

  • 1. Harry (Eric Idle and Charlie Dore)
  • 2. Cheek to Cheek
  • 3. Best Move
  • 4. Old Dirt Road
  • 5. I Don’t Need You
  • 6. Rain
  • 7. I’ve Got It
  • 8. It’s So Easy
  • 9. How Long Can Disco On
  • 10. Bright Side of Life
  • 11. Old Dirt Road (alt. version)
  • 12. Feet (Previously unreleased)
  • 13. Leave The Rest to Molly (Previously unreleased)
  • 14. She Drifted Away (Previously unreleased)

5 responses to Nilsson / Flash Harry expanded CD

  1. Philip says:

    One more week until I get this for my birthday (along with the Complete Box). Getting quite excited!!!!


  2. Ken says:

    This isn’t a bad album at all. Harrys voice was okay and the choice of material is his usual mixture of styles.
    There is a bootleg around of Harry singing the songs from Popeye. Another oddity is that the songs that appear in the actual film are different versions to the ones on the soundtrack album

  3. Mike says:

    The Popeye soundtrack has no Nilsson vocals on it (at least not lead.) I’m kind of curious, but Harry’s voice was so shot at this time… :(

  4. Lenny Banter says:

    Now all we need is the Popeye soundtrack

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