Nilsson / Sessions 1967-75 rarities


Another US Black Friday release that’s widely available in the UK and elsewhere is this Nilsson Sessions 1967-1975 rarities collection LP.

Twelve rare tracks have been plucked from July’s acclaimed RCA Albums Collection box set, including an alternate version of One and the demo of Coconut.

The music has been pressed on 180g vinyl LP and this is released on 2 December 2013.

Track listing

  • 1. Postcard
  • 2. Miss Butter’s Lament
  • 3. Sister Marie (Stereo Remix
  • 4. One (Alternate Version)
  • 5. Leggenda
  • 6. Rainmaker (Alternate Version)
  • 7. Isolation
  • 8. The Family
  • 9. Marry Me A Little
  • 10. Coconut (Demo)
  • 11. Wasting My Time (Alternate Mix)
  • 12. A Tree Out In The Yard (Central Park)

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