Nirvana / Incesticide 45RPM 2LP vinyl


Nirvana‘s 1992 compilation album, Incesticide, will be released next month as an 2LP vinyl edition.

The album, which features a non-album single; B-sides; demos; outtakes; covers and radio sessions, will be issued as a double-disc 45RPM pressing, similar to how the Nirvana compilation was released in August 2015. That was also put out on blu-ray audio (and standard 33RPM single LP) but there is no confirmation if that will be repeated for this title.

Incesticide has actually been out previously in this format, when it was issued as a Record Store Day 20th anniversary limited edition in 2012.

The Incesticide 2LP will be issued in the USA on 13 January 2017.


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Incesticide [Vinyl LP]

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 19.53
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 27.38
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 15
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 21.58
Amazon es 6LP coloured vinyl box 21.99
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 34.95
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 25.99
FNAC fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 24.99


Been a Son
Molly’s Lips
Son of a Gun
(New Wave) Polly
Mexican Seafood
Hairspray Queen
Aero Zeppelin
Big Long Now

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6 responses to Nirvana / Incesticide 45RPM 2LP vinyl

  1. Simon F says:

    No extra material. Got the original. No need to bother with this although it still wipes the floor with the Singles s/track – no horrible Pearl Jam! Happy New Year.

  2. Billy Dojcak says:

    Hold out for next year. 5 disc – 78rpm version. Will contain wooden stylus.

  3. JWL says:

    This version is cut by the legendary Bernie Grundman. I have the versions of Nevermind and Unplugged by him and they smoke every other version, ignore those “back to black” Nirvana reissues cut in the Czech Republic from digital files, the Pallas pressed Grundman version are wonderful.

  4. Dean says:

    But at the time of writing it’s only £38! LOL

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