Oasis box set available in the US

Oasis / Definitely Maybe chasing the sun reissue and deluxe box set

The super deluxe edition box set of OasisDefinitely Maybe is now available for purchase direct from Amazon US.

The “very limited” six-disc box set was announced last month but has only been available on the UK Amazon site and the official Oasis store until recently. In addition to three CDs, the box contains a double heavyweight vinyl version of the album, an exclusive seven-inch single, a hardcover book and a number of other memorabilia-type items.

The bad news is that for the time being this is listed as a pricey ‘import’ and the $229 price tag equates to around £139. US fans of Oasis may be better off ordering from the UK where a cheaper price and the bonus of tax being deducted should see them better off, even with the shipping charges. Canada is also competitive price-wise.

Definitely Maybe is reissued on the 19 May 2014.

6 responses to Oasis box set available in the US

  1. PAC says:

    Terrific. Thanks Paul.

  2. Tom says:

    I found it cheaper on for about $150 !

  3. Alan Fenwick says:

    This has also now shown up on the following Amazon sites:


    I’d expect others to follow shortly

  4. PAC says:

    So how many of these are there Paul ?

    And can we expect some RSD previews ? Especially that ZTT Box !

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes to some RSD previews… trying to get hold of one of those ZTT boxes, but not proving sucessful at the moment!

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