Out This Week / 11 August 2014


Rick Wakeman / Journey + Return to the Centre of the Earth box

Two double LPs plus two CDs along with a book and other memorabilia in this lavish Rick Wakeman box. Read more

John Foxx / The Virgin Years 1980-1985

John Foxx / The Virgin Years 1980-1985 

Five-CD John Foxx box set that features bonus tracks for each album and a bonus disc with further rarities. Read more

Virgin Front Line: Sounds of Reality

Virgin Records’ Reggae subsidiary Front Line is celebrated with this five-CD, 92 track collection featuring many artists. Nearly a third of the content gets a CD debut here.


Sinead O’Connor / I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss 

Sinead O’Connor‘s 10th studio album is available as a ‘limited edition’ deluxe edition with three bonus tracks (as well as a vinyl edition).

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