Out This Week 18 March 2013

Elvis Presley / Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite legacy edition

Elvis Presley  / Aloha From Hawaii via Satelitte

The horrible cover remains, but this new two-disc RCA/Legacy edition of Elvis‘s 1973 live concert comes with a freshly remixed bonus disc of the rehearsal performance, and five extra tracks that were unique to US TV at the time. No quad mix though. Read more

Suede / Bloodsports new album

Suede / Bloodsports

The overpriced box sets are best avoided, but Suede‘s new album works nicely as a 10-track CD, and is something of a return to form for a band (in this line-up) that has only really ever produced one great long player (Coming Up). Read more

Billy Bragg / Tooth & Nail deluxe edition

Billy Bragg / Tooth & Nail

Billy Bragg‘s new laid back album – produced by Joe Henry – is available as a CD+DVD deluxe edition packaged as a quality hardback book set. The bonus disc features 10 promo videos from 1986-2002 and the book includes some writings from Bragg.

Inspiral Carpets / Life extended edition

Inspiral Carpets / Life (Extended Edition)

EMI reissue the 1990 debut album from ‘Madchester’ indie band The Inspiral Carpets. This deluxe ‘extended’ edition comes with a DVD of the 21790 live gig recorded at Manchester’s G Mex on… you guessed it 21/7/90. A certain Noel Gallagher was part of the road crew for that day.

Karl Bartos / Off The Record

Karl Bartos / Off The Record

The ex-Krafwerk man puts out a collection of previously unreleased recordings from his own “secret acoustic diary”. These date from 1975 to 1993.

2 responses to Out This Week 18 March 2013

  1. Will says:

    One that’s slipped under the radar but should be screamed from the rooftops is the remastered re-release of the long deleted Billy Mackenzie (Associates) – Outernational album, no complete with bonus tracks, Long overdue, out on Cherry Red Records next week! :)

  2. richard says:

    Jeez, dull stuff for me. Don’t know about anyone else but have not bought anything for a while now…..Flaming Lips vinyl set about 2 months ago was the last….

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