Out This Week / 31 March 2014

 Sony adjust Cyndi Lauper deluxe set pricing after criticism

Cyndi Lauper / She’s So Unusual deluxe edition  (2CD)

The much discussed reissue of Cyndi Lauper‘s 1983 album is released today. The two-CD version comes with elaborate packaging and if you opt for the vinyl you do get downloads of all the tracks on the bonus CD. Read more

Therapy? Deluxe Editions / Troublegum

Therapy?  / Troublegum and Infernal Love deluxe editions

The band from Northern Ireland see their mid-nineties commercial peak reissued with Infernal Love offered as a two-CD set and Troublegum boasting three discs. Read more

The Alan Parsons Project / The Complete Albums Collection box set

The Alan Parsons Project / The Complete Studio Albums box (11CD)

The Complete Albums Collection features all ten official studio albums and also includes an unreleased The Alan Parsons Project’s long-palyer called The Sicilian DefenceRead more


Kiss  / Limited edition vinyl reissues

As part of the 40th anniversary celebrations Universal Music are reissuing many classic Kiss albums as limited edition vinyl releases.


Johnny Cash  / Out Among The Stars

Remarkable ‘new’ release of recently discovered Johnny Cash studio recordings. The tracks were originally recorded in Nashville in 1981 and 1984 and produced by Billy Sherrill – all previously unreleased.


Killing Joke / In Dub (3CD set)

A 28-track dub anthology from Killing Joke, curated by their bass player and producer Youth. This three-CD set includes remixes by Bloody Beetroots and many by Youth himself.

2 responses to Out This Week / 31 March 2014

  1. Phil Wilson says:

    Listening to the Therapy? deluxe editions, both sound really good (though some of the acoustic performances on the Infernal Love bonus disc are a bit ropey). On disc 3 of Troublegum, skipped the Instrumental remix on track 1 to listen to the vocal remix – track 2. Turns out they have got these the wrong way round on the discs, so the cover and booklet show 1. Trigger Inside – Psycho Amigo Inst mix and 2. Trigger Inside – Psycho Amigo mix but the discs have them the other way round. It’s not hard though is it, to maybe listen to them before pressing them! Other than that, superb. Troublegum especially.

  2. paul says:

    Hi paul do you know is there going to be a johnny cash american recordings 1-6 complete boxset

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