Paul McCartney / Egypt Station deluxe 2LP coloured vinyl edition

Here’s a look at the deluxe coloured 2LP vinyl edition of Paul McCartneys forthcoming album Egypt Station.

As you can see (click on the image to enlarge) this comes with blue and orange 180g vinyl records and is a “concertina gatefold package” with a fold out insert. This deluxe packaging is available as a double black vinyl as well (the standard 2LP black vinyl is two records in a non-gatefold sleeve).

This package is exclusive to Paul McCartney’s official channels (uDiscoverMusic etc.) although the black vinyl is widely available. Since SDE last updated you about the various Egypt Station formats MPL have pulled the single LP coloured vinyl, which appeared to be an error. So there is only one coloured vinyl edition and it’s this double LP set.

We still have no idea what will be in the super deluxe edition box set, but you’ll be the first to know once SDE has it confirmed.

The £40 price tag for this double vinyl set has raised eyebrows and MPL still haven’t officially released a track listing for the album which is out in less than a month, although the box set will almost certainly arrive later in the year.

Egypt Station will be released on 7 September 2018.

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Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - 2LP deluxe vinyl

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 40.99
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 37.99
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 36.09
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 35.99
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 56.78
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 48.05
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 43.99
HMV uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 40.99

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Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - standard 2LP vinyl

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 30.99
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 34.99
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 31.57
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 30.18
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 34.99
HMV uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 30.99

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Paul McCartney

Egypt Station - CD Edition

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 10.99
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 15.99
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 12.99
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 16.99
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 25.14
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 13.98
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 17.99
HMV uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 10.99

49 responses to Paul McCartney / Egypt Station deluxe 2LP coloured vinyl edition

  1. gponter79 says:

    Do you know if the amazon U.K. deluxe edition vinyl listed here @ £40.99 is the coloured discs?

  2. MüllerMüller says:

    Saturn Germany also two bonus tracks !!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Colin: Thanks for the update. I’m now even more confused! (not your fault). Was there ever a single disc colour version on offer? I thought it was a double disc in a single sleeve – as opposed to the double disc in a triple sleeve. Really, this whole marketing thing is a disaster. McCartney should change his record company. Oh, just a minute …..

  4. Bill Hammell says:

    Do we have knowledge of the version of the album with all the songs possible? Target USA? Thanks.

  5. Colin Mitchell says:

    Update on the single disc version of the coloured vinyl from uDiscover;

    Thank you for your email.

    We have checked this for you and the Egypt Station Standard Vinyl has been removed from the website as it is now sold out. [THIS WOULD SUGGEST THOSE WHO ORDERED IT WILL STILL GET IT]

    We are currently waiting for more information regarding this and we will let you know if the item will not be available. [SO MAYBE NOT THEN!]

    If we are unable to fulfil this part of your order you will not be charged for this. [GOOD TO KNOW BUT NOW THE DOUBLE COLOURED VINYL (same price as the single disc) IS NOW SOLD OUT, SO PROBABLY END UP WITH NEITHER – GRRRRRR]

    If we can be of any further assistance please let us know. [WELL, YES SEND ME A DOUBLE VINYL VERSION]

    Kind regards,

    I can see this not ending well!

  6. tony orwell says:

    Coloured vinyl Sold out on the McCartney Store, must have been fairly limited

  7. Mike says:

    Why so many variants – thought McCartney believed in streaming! (Reference to Flowers in the Dirt downloads fiasco)

  8. Colin Mitchell says:

    Hi Nick, Sorry to be bearer of bad news but B&N DO NOT ship to UK. I have just had this confirmed via ‘Live Chat’ with one of their online assistants. Here is the reason.

    Jonah: I’m sorry but we are no longer supporting accounts for EU residents. Going forward, countries in the European Union (EU) will no longer be available to select in the billing or shipping address when placing orders on

    This may change after BREXIT, we will have to wait and see!

  9. Geoff G. says:

    I have the two early release tracks and have only played them like twice. Very forgettable. We’ll see what the whole album contains, but so far the two songs are dull. Whereas, the two early release Elvis Costello songs that I own, I’ve been listening to every morning, and those are getting me excited. I usually like everything McCartney, but so far I can not get into the two early release songs. :(

  10. Brian says:

    Anyone know if the music is actually any good?!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Since virtually no one has heard the album, that’ll be a ‘no’.

    • Tim Abbott says:

      Of course it isn’t. He might as well just include a note for everyone over at the Steve Hoffman boards thanking them for listening, since they’ll be the only people to play it more than once.

    • Tom Kristensen says:

      Tim Abbott said it loud and clear; “Of course it isn`t”.
      Good lad!

    • RJS says:

      “Anyone know if the music is actually any good?!”

      A “Solid” 3 stars accoring to this month’s Record Collector.

  11. Michael says:

    Hey Paul, any chance you could include Australian Amazon in your compare prices section (where available)? As long as I’m purchasing music and looking at your fantastic site, I’ll always be sore about the AU govt cutting us off from all the international Amazons. Cheers!

  12. Joe Figliola says:

    Does the album cover sort of remind you of George Harrison’s “Gone Troppo” disc?

  13. Mark says:

    I am a huge fan and looking forward to his Vienna Show in December – but what a mess regarding this release! So Paul, It seems there are two coloured versions (including the Barnes and Noble Red Version) and two standard versions, ome of them being the „Concertina TriFold“?

  14. Alan says:

    Not a McCartney fan but does appear to me that it is more about the money than the music these days reading these posts.

  15. Colin Mitchell says:

    To Jeremy/Paul and all PM fans. I too ordered the Standard Coloured Vinyl, which is no longer for sale on the site. I have sent them an email asking which version I will receive. The Deluxe Coloured vinyl is the SAME PRICE (£39.99 + £3.95 P&P = £43.94) as the standard coloured vinyl was when I ordered it. I will let you know when I get a reply from uDiscover Music Store!

    • tony orwell says:

      to Colin Mitchell, i asked the question a little while ago of the paul mccartney store and they definitively said that the standard vinyl was removed because it had sold out, will be asking the same question again now, Paul intimated a while ago that the standard version probably never existed, looks right even more now

  16. says:

    All of the umpteen different versions of this, increased now by a special Barnes & Noble edition, illustrate for me the follies of record collecting circa 2018. I sometimes wonder if the music is remembered at all as we (me included) work to chase edition after edition. I’d be much happier with one standard version of every new album.

    • Stan Butler says:

      As it stands the, one version of each of the new McCartney & Suede albums, and I’m a big fan of both, could cost me a combined £90! I’ll splash out now and again for a classic album box (Sgt. Pepper, The Ties That Bind, etc) or a career retrospective (Nazareth) but this is all now getting a bit silly when a new album is marketed in such a way.

    • Ian says:

      I agree umpteen variations of a new LP reminds me of when bands had different track listings & covers, circa 1960’s UK / USA etc.
      Of course we now have the internet to thank for informing us of the labels & bands marketing ploys. Yes I still call myself a record collector – but perhaps I should now be a cynical music collector!

  17. Aaron says:

    Are the Target and HMV bonus tracks the same?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That is the presumption, although not confirmed…

      • Bill Hammell says:

        It would just figure that they would each have one (not two) song different from each other, making me have to get both just for one song. Also gotta wonder about a Japanese edition, and whatever’s on the Super Deluxe (ugh)

  18. Jeremy says:

    When originally announced there were three vinyl versions (excluding the box set): a standard black vinyl (single sleeve), a standard coloured vinyl (single sleeve), and a deluxe coloured vinyl (tri-sleeve). I ordered the standard coloured vinyl. Now you’re saying there’s no such thing? I’m confused!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s my understanding… there is no single sleeve coloured vinyl. They pulled that listing. Might be worth getting in touch to see what they are going to send you!

  19. AlexKx says:

    So should we wait to see fifths is in the Super Deluxe Edition?

  20. PHILIP DAVIES says:

    When this was first announced I pre ordered and paid £63+. Today I received another e mail from uDiscover with a price below £40. One very angry e mail later – a £20 refund into my paypal account. So anyone who paid upfront, you know what to do. I do wonder if they are only doing this on request.

    • Catweazle says:

      Hey Philip,
      thanks to your alert I did the same and received a refund too. Looks like they’re really only doing this on request!

  21. Paul Mortimer says:

    Ridiculous price for a 2-LP set.

    Are all buyers getting a copy of the Platinum disc?

    Swerving widely.

  22. Terry says:

    Barnes and Noble have an exclusive red vinyl up for pre order

  23. Ben Williams says:

    Looks very nice to have on vinyl but the price tag is rather steep for 2 vinyl discs.. perhaps when (or if!) this comes down below £30 then I’d be tempted to buy it. For now, I have had my HMV exclusive CD pre-order in since the day it was announced.

    It’s a good year to be a Beatles fan…

  24. Andreas says:

    Paul do you know if is this the same coloured vinyl which has been offered right at the start of the announcement of the new record of Paul? Which has been sold out for some time?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There is only one coloured vinyl edition as far as I’m aware, and this is it.

      • David Forster says:

        Paul, Barnes and Noble in the U.S. have an exclusive Red Vinyl edition but they will not
        ship to the U.K./EU countries.

        • Nick says:

          Barnes and Noble DO Ship to the U.K. $43.47 / £33.00 including postage to the U.K.
          A lot cheaper than McCartney’s rip off store £39.99 plus postage… I’d much prefer the B+N Red than the Over Priced (and Horrible) BLUE/Orange Combination!

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