Paul McCartney: HP-driven website opens up the Macca archive

Paul McCartney launches new HP-driven websitePaul McCartney has finally delivered on the long-promised collaboration with HP to provide instant access to his archive via ‘cloud’ server functionality.

His totally revamped website – driven by the technology giant – is now live in ‘beta’ form, and offers fans the opportunity to browse McCartney’s massive archive of music, photographs, and movie footage.

His entire solo audio output is available to stream, including relative rarities such as his three albums with producer Youth under pseudonym The Fireman, and the Twin Freaks remix collaboration with Freelance Hellraiser, which has not only never been released on CD, but hasn’t been available on iTunes for some time.

Registered users (no cost) can create and save McCartney playlists via a ‘jukebox’ functionality. His entire back catalogue is their to delve into. You can then share playlists with other registered fans. Premium subscribers (around £35, or equivalent) can (amongst other benefits) download a separate jukebox application to their desktop, negating the need to visit the website to access playlists (you do still need an internet connection). The lyrics to each song are available to view along with statistics such as when the track was played live and how many other fan playlists include the song.

Rude Studio is another interesting area on the new site. Named after Paul’s informal demo/rehearsal studio he built on his farm in Scotland, Rude Studio offers ‘stems’ from McCartney songs from which the user can fade up and down to create their own mixes. Currently limited to only three tracks, it’s nevertheless great fun stripping back the vocals from Band on the Run to enjoy the ‘funky chicken’ guitar from the ‘if I ever get out of here…’ section.

In addition to all this, the website offers a plethora of photo galleries (with many never-seen images) as well as news, blogs, timelines, interactive maps and an online store.

Premium subscribers receive a free MP3 album, 4 exclusive MP3s from the London Hyde Park gig of 2010, a plectrum, Lithograph, T-shirt, four button badges and the usual promise of pre-sale ticket availability and being the first to hear about new events.

Hints are already being dropped about much more audio to come on the site, and fans will be desperately hoping that Paul will dig deep into his archive and offer up some obscure unreleased gems.

Where this leaves the currently dormant Archive Collection reissue campaign remains to be seen. Since McCartney and McCartney II were reissued in June of this year, nothing further has been forthcoming, and with TWO new albums planned for 2012, these lavish reissues seemed to have dropped down Paul’s list of priorities.

Paul McCartney’s new website is at

7 responses to Paul McCartney: HP-driven website opens up the Macca archive

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  2. BJEvS says:

    Any rumors for a deluxe set “Wings Over America”? Mono LP too?

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  4. Chris says:

    About the new website… Haven’t registered yet, but its features sound interesting…

    As for the reissues… I do hope Paul will not give up on the “Archive Collection” program… so far, he’s given us a hint on what’s coming up next: RAM, VENUS AND MARS, WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND, and WINGS OVER AMERICA. Let’s hope they get their due soon, as well as the rest of his catalog…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      RAM is definitely happening next year – although not officially confirmed. We might get one more album or another ‘pair’ like McCartney and McCartney II if we’re lucky. Unfortunately it’s slow progress and new releases will probably take priority.

      The only problem with this approach is that the sales/costs/profitability of these sets in 2012 may be very different to the same in 2014. And there is no way they will be ‘finished’ by 2014 at the current rate of progress. In other words IMO there is a very real risk that they will not ‘finish’ the Paul McCartney Archive Collection due to the shifting sands of what is deemed a commercial proposition now versus in a few years time.

  5. David Quantick says:

    It’s not great so far – bought a Premium Membership and it’s not working.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi David – was it download issues or something else? I bought my premium on Friday and it seems to have worked okay, although I had read about teething troubles.
      I’m a ‘pioneer’ member, apparently. Flattery will get you everywhere I suppose.

      The playback on the ‘jukebox’ is a bit buggy, but I guess it’s officially still in ‘beta’ so will give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being….


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