Paul McCartney / McCartney and McCartney II coming on June 6th

We have some more information regarding the next two albums in The McCartney Archive series.

The website (who accurately predicted the Band on the Run release details) are now reporting that McCartney and McCartney II will be released on 6 June 2011 in the following formats:


  • 2CD digipack (CD bonus with rarities, bonus tracks)
  • 2CD+1DVD: deluxe edition with 100 page book
  • 2LP:Vinyl edition

McCartney II

  • 2CD digipack (CD bonus with rarities, bonus tracks)
  • 3CD+1DVD: deluxe edition with 100 page book
  • 2LP: Vinyl edition

It remains to be seen whether the 100 page book matches the one that was included in the Super Deluxe Edition of Band on the Run. It might be more likely that the books will be similar in design to the one used in the 2cd+2DVD edition of Good Evening New York City, to keep costs down and make these editions more affordable.

Exact track listings are still a mystery but with McCartney II available as a 3CD+1DVD edition, we can probably look forward to hearing the much bootlegged unedited versions of the album tracks plus the extra session tracks which again have been doing the rounds on bootlegs for years.

What would you like to see on these releases? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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